Friday, March 3, 2017

Letter to Dad...

Palawan is the coolest and I can't wait to go back, I think it's cool how Heavenly Father answered my prayers and still let me go there  I'll try to send some pictures later on tonight because I forgot my cord at home.  But dad, I'm kinda addicted to having a laptop now and I think that we should start a tradition that when the missionaries come home and go to college, they should get a lap top, I think that would make them happy.  haha

Elder Bednar came to our mission and it was super awesome!  I got to sit right behind him up on the stand.  It was super cool to see the whole mission, even Palawan all together from up on the stand too.  He focused mostly on being an agent.  How we should never make ourselves into objects but always know who we are and always have control of it.  When he bore testimony of Jesus Christ, it was crazy.  It was one of the strongest spirits that I have ever felt in my life.  

Zone conference in Palawan yesterday was cool too.  President was sharing about listening and he told a story that reminded me of you.  He said that he  was being interviewed one time by this lady to see if he was be able to manage her portfolio and he said that she talked so much that he maybe only said about 5 words.  At the end of the interview, his company was chosen because she "liked what he did", even though she didn't even know what his company did, besides listening haha.  That is super awesome about Bishop.  How did Landon do as our home teacher haha that sounds awesome.  

You should read the talk called "Becoming Men and Women of integrity" by Tad R Callister it's awesome, I read it on the plane.

I love you dad,
Elder Zesiger

Manila Mission With Elder and Sister Bednar. Elder Zesiger is on the back row.

P.S. guess what I missed out on today.  Apparently, at the Puerto Princessa house, they have a hot shower, but I woke up really early and got showered first and apparently used the wrong one!  When they told me I was already dressed and I almost got undressed just to try it haha.  I'll have to do it next time!

Letter to Mom....

Yep, I went to Palawan, it was awesome!  El Nido is cool and it is one of the places we will be going.  I met a ton of cool people in the airport, a couple from Denmark and a lot from Australia and England.  But hardly any Americans go to the Philippines cuz they just go to Hawaii.  It was super fun teaching the zone conference too.  I only got to work a couple hours there with the zone leaders on an exchange, but it was super fun!  

It is mostly dirt roads, but a couple times we just journeyed into the jungle.  It was super dark and one time when we were in the jungle part with just a little path and surrounded by trees on all sides, we heard some dogs barking.  So the elder that I was with told me to pick up a stick and some rocks and then we saw this small pack of dogs that I guess always chases the missionaries around.  It was crazy!  They wanted to come at us, but we just pointed the sticks at them and kept pump faking them with rocks and they left us alone.  It was kind of scary still though haha, but it is fun to think about now. 

At the end of the day, we bought like 11 fish for $3 and went home and fried them, then this morning, we flew back home and now I'm just in the mission office again haha.
But in a couple weeks we are going back and this time we'll go to Narra which is a lot more jungley and we'll also do the underground river!

It was also super cool when Elder Bednar came, but I'll put that in dad's email probably.

I love you so much mom,

look up Boracay, Coron, El Nido, Honda beach, crocodile farms, Rizal Park, Inra Muros,and strawberry fields so we can go there.

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