Wednesday, May 24, 2017

All of the sudden, like we were in a movie, this guy pulls up on his bike.

Letter to Dad...

This is a great email!  That would be awesome to get a Jeep!  But focus of the trans am first and then everything will be awesome.  The time is going fast now and you only have 5 months to finish, you can do it though.  This week was cool.  The coolest miracle happened one night when we went to visit Geralyn.  When we got there, she was having some problems. We offered to give her a blessing.  We walked in and I realized that we had no third  lalaki (male) so it was bawal (against the rules).  I thought in my head that maybe this could be an exception and then the thought came to me "The Priesthood doesn't work by disobedience."  I told Elder Fiesta and we went back outside.  We had no idea how we could get another lalaki cuz it was night and we were in a little alley with no people in it, but we were obedient.  All of the sudden, like we were in a movie, this guy pulls up on his bike.  We tell him the situation and ask him if he could watch us for a minute as we gave Geralyn a blessing.

I blessed her and the Spirit was really strong.  The blessing was the will of Heavenly Father.  As we exited the house, it was calm and the guy asked us if we were Mormons.  We said yes.  He said that he has been reading "the Book of Mormon: another testament of Jesus Christ" and yes he said the whole thing, and that he had a lot of questions.  The next day we went back and taught him and Jonel and Geralyn came out and joined us in the lesson.  He began by telling us that he has searched through many religions and then told us one by one, with references to the Bible, why each of them were wrong.  We shared with him the restoration and it was cool because the Holy Ghost helped us and brought scriptures to our mind.  When we taught about Moroni he's like "so you mean to say that this is the 7th angel mentioned in the 10th chapter of Revelations that holds the sealed book?"  We were like "yes!"  He committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and then he was like "before we leave I just have one more question."  I was kind of nervous that he'd fight us at this point...

"In the 7th chapter of Alma, he prophesies that Jesus would be born in Jerusalem.  Where was he actually born Elders?"  "Bethlehem"  we said.  "Then why does it say Jerusalem?"  Then an answer came to my mind.  I don't know whether I heard it in seminary, or in Sunday school, or maybe in a talk just driving down the road.  But it came to mind clear enough that I could explain it simply.  "God revealed to Alma that Christ would be born in Jerusalem because that revelation was for them.  They knew that their fathers came from a place called Jerusalem, but they had never heard of Bethlehem.  Just as I say that I am from Salt Lake City, Utah because it is more well known than Centerville, Utah."  He accepted the answer and said he would humbly read.

The next day, Jonel came to church with his wife Geralyn and says that he wants to repent and feel what his wife feels.  It was awesome.  I love being a missionary. 

Elder Zesiger

Letter to Mom....

This week was cool and there were a lot of miracles!  We went to try and get  a list of all the big families from the barangay which is kind of like a local government.  We went in to the chairman who is like a mayor. And the first thing that he said was "you are affiliated with the FBI right to gather everyone's lineage."  I said "I don't think so, but that would be awesome!"  He laughed and then asked us about his family history, we promised to help him and then he said that he'd  give us whatever we wanted.  We asked for the list and he gave us access to all the information that they had, including pass port info, voter's ids, birthdays, addresses, and anything else you can think of!  It was crazy.  We will go back tomorrow and teach him about his family history and hopefully it can be like a King Lamoni situation.  Everyone respects and knows the barangay capitain.  He is the leader of like 20,000 people!

I love you mom 
Elder Zesiger

I've been giving war heads to little kids on the street and its hilarious!

April 30,2017

Letter to Dad...

Hey dad, Kate sounds cool, I look at babies different now on the street and I always ask how old they are to find the ones that are 6 months old, then I look to see if they have teeth yet and stuff to see what a six month old baby is like haha.

This week, Don Don worked with us like every day and is already in second Nephi and will be baptized at the end of May.   I can't even imagine how hard his life is.  His family has so many problems and Don Don just rises above it all.  He reads the Book of Mormon, he goes to church, he's just so different, it's pretty inspiring, I don't know what I would do if that was my situation.

I am grateful for our family.  Thanks for going on a mission and staying faithful in the church.  Thanks for marrying Mom and being faithful to each other.  Thanks for always going to wrestling matches and going dirt biking and snowboarding with me.  Thanks for working on the Trans am with me and the guitar and teaching me awesome music.  Thanks for being a great dad and a great example.

I love you, 
Elder Zesiger

Mother's Day (after we Skyped)

I love you guys and it was super fun to see you too.  Sorry I couldn't think of much to say, it was kind of weird just talking to a frozen picture of you all haha.  Thanks for being the best mom ever I love you so much and I'm grateful for you.  I already told you my spiritual experience for this week, actually it was really cool to hear Danica's testimony too.  I'll send you the picture.  Please tell the kids that it is really important to me that they read the Book of Mormon.  It is really amazing how cool the gospel really is, that's why I'm kind of scared to come home and have to focus on other things like school haha.

I love you guys so much and you looked good too.  Kate is pretty cool.

Elder Zesiger

May 7,2017

That's awesome! I'm excited for the Trans Am!  We were super busy this week and we only worked like 2 hours, I thought that the area would be dead, but it was really cool to see how Heavenly Father took care of it even without us there.  The coolest part of my week though was at mission leadership council.  President wanted to get the zone leaders and sister training leaders excited so we were able to bring one of our investigators who will be baptized soon, Sister Geralyn, to bear her testimony.  It was awesome!  She told of how hard her life was before and then the story of how we found her, then of how Heavenly Father answered her in dreams that our message is true.  Then of how the Book of Mormon has brought her peace.  She closed by testifying that she knows that the church is true and then through tears she told them how grateful she is for us.  I was crying too haha.  I had to talk after and I got up and told them that it was one of the best moments of my mission.

I skype you Monday at about 5 I think if i'm adding up the time right.  I have 6 months left, but I think that they'll be more fun than all the rest combined.

I love you Dad!
Elder Zesiger

April 30, 2017

Letter to Mom....

Hey mom, this week was fun for me, it was super fast!  Don don is still the most prepared person for the gospel ever.  He worked with us almost everyday last week and is in like 2 Nephi now and get to church yesterday in his full Sunday's best, we gave him some ties.  It's crazy the situation he lives in,and he still just rises above it all anyway.  He's awesome.

This week we have a meeting every single day, so our area is in the hands of Heavenly Father haha.

You are awesome mom, I love you and I'm grateful for you and your example to me.

Oh, OK I thought of a story for you.  On Friday, we went to the temple with some of our investigators and took them on a tour of the outside.  At one point, we sat down and had a testimony meeting.  I bore mine and so did a lot of others, but the coolest part was that Geralyn got up and bore her testimony too!  There were some people getting married there and she saw it and really wanted that for herself and Jonel.  She bore her testimony about how much the gospel has changed her life already and how before we found her, she didn't know what her purpose was, how sometimes she just wanted to run away, or commit suicide, or give up, but through the Book of Mormon and Church, and the Holy Ghost, she now knows what she wants and knows that this church is true.  I do too.

I love being a missionary, it's crazy that there is just 6 months left, Elder Billarina goes home on Saturday and then I've got a new companion.

I love you mom,
Elder Zesiger

PS: I've been giving war heads to little kids on the street and its hilarious

May 7, 2017

Letter to Mom...

I will skype you Monday morning here at 8am so I think that'll be 5 on Sunday over there, but I'm not sure so please check.

I was at that meeting of going home missionaries, it was weird for me too. haha  We actually were at meetings every single day last week and the only time that we actually got to work was just a couple hours on Saturday.  When we finally got to the area I was so excited to work.  It made me think of how much i'll miss missionary work when my mission is over!  It's crazy!

Even though we were super, super busy, we still had missionary experiences and I'll email my favorite one to dad, but ya it was really sad and scary when Elder Billarina went home, I've now killed (thye went home :)) two missionaries in a row, but my new companion Elder Fiesta is really cool.  He's really young, only 12 months in the mission, I was 15 when I became an assistant, but he's great and I'm excited to be his best friend for the next 6 months haha.

I also just got a new car, it is a brand new Hyundai Starus and I'm excited! haha

I love you mom,
Elder Zesiger