Monday, June 27, 2016

When I was sitting there and watching them listen to the talks in their baptismal clothes it was one of the best feelings ever!

Letter to Dad....
 I've just had this rash on my arm for 2 months but I think it'll go away if I ever stop sweating.  When we get back home we are going to have a wrestling bracket, all of the roommates want me to teach them how haha, it'll be fun, we've just gotta go slow so it doesn't count as a "contact sport" so its not against the rules.

I had a good week. It was an amazing feeling to see Raizo and Sherley and Kyla sitting in their baptismal clothes and listening to talks, and when they got confirmed, it felt like the whole room got warm cuz the Spirit was so strong.  Sister Sherley has other kids that want to be baptized too and Kyla's other two sisters want to also.  They are all ready and we've already taught them all the lessons, but they need to go to church for a couple more weeks to fulfill the requirements.

I learned a ton at zone conference.  President Ostler said that when you have hard relationships in life, you have the opportunity to say: am I am man and am I gonna fix this and succeed anyway, or am I a victim and I will just accept anything that will come. I realized that I could choose.  Whenever I try to be happy and have fun and think positive thoughts, we are obedient and get along, when I don't, we don't.  Sometimes its really hard but I've been praying for and studying charity to try to get better.  

Letter to Mom....
Kyla and Raizo and Shirley got baptized!  It was so awesome and when I was sitting there and watching them listen to the talks in their baptismal clothes it was one of the best feelings ever!  Also a big change happened to Raizo's friend, John Ralph.  We have taught him a couple of times, but he never really participated in the lessons, but after Raizo got baptized, he came up to me and was like, "I'm next".
We taught him last night and these 4 new girls were there so we taught them too and he bore his testimony like he was already a member hahaha.  Then he was like "when can I get baptized"  "when can I go on a mission?"  It's soooo cool.

We had a zone conference and I feel like I learned a ton.  President said a cool quote, he said: your success never depends on other people, it always depends on your faith.  I've been collecting quotes and writing them since the end of march and I've got about 260 now and I finally got into the big journal!  It's awesome thanks for sending it to me.  I love you guys a ton:)

Elder Zesiger

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Letter to Mom...
Pretending I'm on Palawan!
  It sounds like every one is doing awesome!  Thank you so much for raising me in the church.  As I translated for President Wolcott, the first councilor in the mission as he interviewed our investigator, he told us of how one of his sons has chosen another path and that it brings him and his wife so much grief.  I'm sorry if I ever brought you guys grief, but I would just like to thank you guys for preparing me to be here.  I am having experiences here everyday that I feel are changing the direction of my life forever and none of that would have happened if you wouldn't have done absolutely everything to get me here.  There are so many missionaries here that are the only members in their families and they come anyway, I'm not strong enough to do that, I can't even pack my own things, I think that is why Heavenly Father sent me to you guys!
I was so lazy before my mission, that is not an option anymore, I have a lot to accomplish and change in this world.  There are too many people living horrible lives here and working so hard for so little.
I love you guys!
Letter to Dad...
Happy Father's Day!  I heard that we have an apple tv now that's pretty sick!  Ya the experience with that investigator was actually pretty awesome.  Since the rules for baptism are pretty strict, if she wouldn't have gone to church yesterday, her baptism would have been a lot later, so I was kind of scared, I probably looked sad for Joy cuz I was just sitting there praying like crazy haha.  I was telling Heavenly Father that we had done all we could everyday for this investigator, and that right now we really needed His help to get her to church.  Then, she walked in!  So we have three baptisms on Saturday.
  I had a cool experience too with one of the other ones,  she had to be interviewed by President and I got to be the translator.  It was an amazing spiritual experience, we talked about the atonement and then he gave a prayer for her and I had to translate it word for word.  It was amazing and then after that he testified to her that she had been forgiven and it was like one of the strongest spiritual moments of my life.
​This is Raizo, he is getting baptized on Saturday
and he's a good artist!

I also had a cool experience with the Priesthood, which i just realized was the subject of your email last week .... that's pretty cool.  We were in an investigators house teaching them how to do family search and their internet wasn't working, so I felt to ask the investigator to say a prayer, so she did, and nothing happened.  I was confused.  Then I remembered President Monson's story in conference about the guy commanding the boat to save them with the priesthood, so I said in my mind.  In the name of Jesus Christ, and by the power of the Holy Melchezidic priesthood which I hold, I command the internet to work for the purpose of our investigators progression towards baptism.  Nothing happened again.  I was confused.  I thought "I'm worthy right?"  "I have faith right?"  "what the heck is going on the power of God is more powerful than the power of network connection right?"  "is it even real?"  It sounds kind of stupid but those were the thoughts that were going through my head.  Then I thought "I have seen the priesthood work before and I have felt its power, I know that it is true by the power of the Holy Ghost and my faith will not live or die based on evidence, I will believe."  Then right as I thought that, the internet worked, like immediately! Then right as we finished, we lost connection again.  It was sick.
What his wall looks like when they return home at night.  Those are cockroaches!!
I love this work and I know that it is true, I am studying like crazy the teachings of Joseph Smith and the more I learn the more I realize that I could not and don't want to be anywhere else but here right now. 

I love you dad!

Found a Maserati!



It taught me never to give up, even when the time is past and it is too late.

Letter to Dad....

We had a cool go getter moment on Sunday.  We are looking at 3 baptisms for June 25 but when we were at sacrament, one of them named didn't show up!  I was freaking out because if she didn't go to church on Sunday, then her baptism would have to be moved to the 16th of July!  After church, we texted her to see where she was.  In their family, there are 3 sisters, they all want to be baptized but every other week one of them has to stay at home and help their mom prepare and sell food at their store.  If investigators miss 2 Sundays in a row, the count has to start again!  Apparently, her sister who was supposed to work, was at a catholic baptism so she had to work.  There was another sacrament meeting at 2pm. So this is what we did:
1. we started calling all of their member neighbors, none of them could work.
2. we decided that we could go work, so we started on the 30 min jeepne ride
3. as we were on our way, the mom texted Elder Magno and said that she didn't want us to work for her, I told him that we should just keep going and it would work out, cuz I didn't know what else to do.
4. we got there and then her sister was there to work!  but our investigator wasn't, she had followed her sister to the baptism and was still there.

At this point I lost hope because it was already 2 and I was frankly just mad at the world!  Then, she walked in!  We were like "lets go lets go!"  and we ran to the church and got there, a little late, but its ok!
It was a cool experience and it taught me never to give up, even when the time is past and it is too late.
She will still get baptized on the 25th:)
I love you guys, I had a dream about the trans am and it needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter to Mom...
I love you mom, I am having a great time!  There are a lot of baptisms lined up for the rest of this transfer.  I am teaching an English class in this squatter compound to a lot of little kids.
I go to St Luke's tomorrow to see if my eye is still clear so that's exciting!
I have also been reading the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith book and I'm learning so much!
I'm going to be soooo successful when I get home now hahahahaha
I am also going to learn how to play the piano, I figured out how to play count thy fountain of thy blessings and it was fun haha.  So Caden better watch out cuz I'm fast:)
I love you guys thanks for being the best parents ever! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's crazy how much Heavenly Father blesses you when you are obedient

Letter to Mom....

The Totanez Family
No I'm not getting transferred, the transfer day happened but I'm still in Santa Maria with Elder Magno, I might be here with him until August because he only has 2 transfers left but I don't know.  Ya the Totanez family is awesome!  They are going to get baptized on the 25th and then some in the first couple weeks of July!  It's awesome!  We also have another family of 3 girls that are going to get baptized the 2nd week July too. Then another family which I'll send you a picture of their kids.  They are probably in late July. It's crazy how much Heavenly Father blesses you when you are obedient.  There have been 0 baptisms in this area for over a year, but then we just try to be exactly obedient for a couple months and Heavenly Father blesses us with a ton of families!  It's awesome!  We have been teaching and helping Alvin's family too, we have brought them to member FHE and his little sister went to church yesterday.  We even got his dad a job which is really hard to do here.  I love you guys sooo much.  It was fun buying Caden the birthday gifts. I almost kept the watch cuz its sick haha.