Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's crazy how much Heavenly Father blesses you when you are obedient

Letter to Mom....

The Totanez Family
No I'm not getting transferred, the transfer day happened but I'm still in Santa Maria with Elder Magno, I might be here with him until August because he only has 2 transfers left but I don't know.  Ya the Totanez family is awesome!  They are going to get baptized on the 25th and then some in the first couple weeks of July!  It's awesome!  We also have another family of 3 girls that are going to get baptized the 2nd week July too. Then another family which I'll send you a picture of their kids.  They are probably in late July. It's crazy how much Heavenly Father blesses you when you are obedient.  There have been 0 baptisms in this area for over a year, but then we just try to be exactly obedient for a couple months and Heavenly Father blesses us with a ton of families!  It's awesome!  We have been teaching and helping Alvin's family too, we have brought them to member FHE and his little sister went to church yesterday.  We even got his dad a job which is really hard to do here.  I love you guys sooo much.  It was fun buying Caden the birthday gifts. I almost kept the watch cuz its sick haha.

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