Monday, May 30, 2016

Letter to Dad...
That's exactly how Lehi's dream starts too, he wandered around for awhile in the "dark and dreary wilderness" and then he finally turned to the Lord and prayed.  I remember when Jared and I got lost in the rhino hahaha, but I can't remember if we prayed or not, but I think we did. 

When we work out on the roof, there is always a guy down on the road preparing for his business.  He is an umbrella repairman.  Every morning from 6 to 7 he is down there preparing and then he works trying to sell and repair umbrellas until night time.  One of the missionaries said that he probably only makes about $4 a day, but he is one of the hardest working people that I have ever seen.  Every day he's down there, probably working super hard so his kids, one day, will not have to.  As I've been watching him, I thought about myself and how I kind of coasted through high school and a lot of other stuff, never really taking things seriously, even when they were.  As I watch him, I realize how freakin lucky I am and I decided that I'm not going to waste my blessings anymore, I decided that I'm always going to try to develop my talents and be really diligent when I get home.  Right now I decided that I'm going to get good at drawing, so I drew a couple pictures of Jesus.  I'm also going to learn how to play the piano when I get home and I'm going to read a lot more. I'll send you a picture I drew, this is the starting point, but I'm gonna get a lot better.
Our investigators are doing awesome!  We have a couple families looking good for mid June and a couple new ones looking good for July, but we always have about 5-7 people come to church.:)


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