Monday, May 16, 2016

This week was amazing for me!!

Letter to Mom....
This week was amazing for me!  The doctor said that my eye is good and he cleared me to go to Palawan, he just said that I need to go one more time in June to see if its stable:)
My miracle for you came when we were on our way to church.  We usually go to pick up people before it starts so we went by to pick up A* and the T family.  We couldn't find A* and apparently the whole T* family was gone, but the mom was waiting for us at the Jeepne stop.  So we rushed over there but we couldn't find her. I started praying that we could somehow find her anyway.  We waited for a while and we couldn't find her, so we just started walking to church.  We were almost there when a Jeepne pulled up behind us and Sister T jumped out all ready to go to church!  Hahahahah I was sooooo happy:)   Later that night we talked to her and she said that she had doubts, but when she went to the church, most of her doubts have been resolved and next week she's bringing her whole familly!
 Letter to Dad...
 Yesterday I had one of the coolest experiences of my life.  It started about a week ago.  We were oyming (Open Your Mouth) and this guy just kinda yelled at me "you're Mormons right?" and then kept walking by.  We ran up to him and were like "YEP!"  We got all his info and found out that his girl friend is less active.  The next day we went to try to find his house, but we couldn't find it, so we kinda just forgot about him cuz we talk to so many people.  Then on Saturday night, he texted and said that we could come visit him on Sunday.  So yesterday we went to his house.  They were super excited to see us and they immediately fed us.  Apparently the girlfriend used to be a ward missionary and even had a mission call to temple square, but then went less active.  We started the lesson and I asked her if prayer still played a big part in her life.  She immediately burst into tears.  She said that she left the church because of sin and she started to attend other churches to find comfort.  But she has always known and felt in her heart that the church is true.  She said that sometimes she just hates herself because she knows where she needs to be, but she does not know how to go back.  She just reads her Book of Mormon and prays.  She said, with tears running down her face, that she has been praying every night for the longest time for Heavenly Father to send missionaries to her and her boyfriend.  And then all of the sudden we showed up!  She said that she can't even express how grateful she is and that she will do anything to become active in the church again.  At this point I was fighting back tears too.  I testified to her in an incomprehensible voice, because I was crying too haha, that I know that Heavenly Father loves her, I know that he has a plan for her, I know that Heavenly Father has heard all of her prayers and he knows her desire and that through Jesus Christ, she can come back:).  
It is so amazing to me how many miracles happened for her prayer to be answered, we even failed to find the house and Heavenly Father still gave us a second chance and made everything work exactly perfect to answer the prayer of his daughter that he loves.  It is ssooooo amazing to me!  I love it!  On the long walk back home I was literally jumping around and testifying to Elder Magno about how much Heavenly Father loves us and how cool it was that we get to be a little part of her and her boyfriends salvation!  When we got home he was like: "You were overwhelming today". Haha I was like "why?"  he said "I was so tired cuz we were just walking and walking and you were just too happy"  hahahahahahaha  I love this work and I know that it is true.

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