Wednesday, May 11, 2016

She didn't realize it but she felt the Holy Ghost

Letter to Mom...

  I got sick from food poisoning for like 3 days and had to go to the hospital and I missed being able to just say " Mom can you make me a cheese tortilla, or go buy berries, or whatever." Thanks for always being an awesome mom:)  Other than that this week was really fun!  The first day I was sick I just kept working and we got 12 lessons!  I felt like I was going to faint at the end, but it was awesome!  We also had a baptism on Saturday.  I'll try to send pictures I've been studying my patriarchal blessing a lot this week, and I was wishing that I had dads notes on it and he just sent them again!  Its crazy to see how much Heavenly Father loves me.  I'm going to try to Skype on Tuesday morning between 9 or 11 so it'll be like before 7 to 9 on Monday night for you guys.  I love you soooo much mom. 

Letter to Dad...

I got food poisoning I guess haha it sucked I'm still pretty sick now.  We had exchanges so I just like pretended that I wasnt sick and we taught 12 lessons it was awesome!  But by the end I was almost dead.  Thanks for sending me those patriarchal blessing notes I have been studying it a lot recently and I wanted them haha.  Today I studied Lehi's Dream while looking for charity in it because those two things are really prevolent in my blessing.  I couldn't find it so I read Nephi's one too and I totally forgot that the fruit is the love of God, which is charity haha the whole dream is about charity and then Christ says that it is the most joyous thing to the soul and the greatest of all.  My blessing says that I can develope it and in Moroni 7 it says that only true disciples of Christ recieve it, so thats pretty cool.  I also had a cool experience with the Holy Ghost and Elder Magno.  His record for his mission of lessons in one day was 6, I was determined that we were going to break that.  But there were no people on the street at all.  So I said we should stop and pray, so we did.  We found a guy and "oymed" him and it went no where.  So we kept oyming around him, and then he came up to me and said we should try this lady in her store, cuz here people's houses are like converted into stores.  Elder Magno and I were kinda separated so I took one of the ward missionaries and we started to talk to her through the store window gate thing.  She said she was Catholic and didn't have time.  I said that it was ok and that she could change hahaha and testified that it would bless her family and it would onely take 5 minutes. she said ok and I started.  After the First Vision I testified and stopped.  She was kinda crying and she was like "you're a great preacher"  she didnt realize it, but she felt the Holy Ghost it was cool. We broke Elder Magno's record and got 7 lessons and 52 oyms it was a fun day, but then I got sick.
I love you guys  while I was sick I kept thinking about how many missionaries have parents die on their missions and it was scaring the crap out of me.  So be safe on your way back home!
Here is the monkey that lives near his apartment.  He calls him May May.

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