Thursday, April 28, 2016

Elder Zesiger was transferred to the Santa Mesa area of the mission.

Letter to Mom....

We pretty much just walk, our area is huge so we ride a jeepne for 30 mins just to get there hahaha.
Thats soooo cool about Caden (he won class officer)!   It's pretty fun here.  I'm with the zone leaders again and one of them is Australian so I actually do have an English speaking kabahay!  Its weird hahaha. I think I like it, but I am trying to just speak to him in Tagalog anyway so I can still get better haha, but its kinda weird since we both know English:)  My ward is cool, there's a guy there that knows Spencer Atkinson's big sister Tyler and also McKenna Brown's big brother hahaha.  They were in his mission, in Taiwan & 3 months in California.  It's pretty cool.  The obedience here is a lot lower and that kind of bugs me because I was raised in my last house with like 100% obedience, but I'm fixing it.  But I'm pretty excited for this area!  I still really want to go to Palawan dang it hahaha.  But I guess Heavenly Father will just heal me when it's my time to go there!

Elder sexy girl as they call me because the natives can't say Zesiger hahahah

Letter to Dad....

It was so sad to leave my old area haha.  Especially since we had two baptisms lined up for the next week, and I love them both.  Before I left, we visited my recent converts and Marilyn started crying and then at the end she prayed for me for about 5 minutes straight that I would be safe.  It made me cry haha.  A couple members came with me to the transfer point too and it was hard to say goodbye.  My new area is called Santa Mesa, it's in Manila.  It's cool you'd love it.  There has not been a baptism here for over a year!  It's awesome it sounds like the beginning of one of those awesome missionary stories!  We've also got a baptism next Saturday so that's cool.  My companion is pretty cool, he's fun to be around, but he is really discouraged and is really slacking on the obedience.  Which I don't like because if we are going to have miracles here, I need his obedience too.  I gave up emailing back and forth with you guys and listening to Def Leopard haha so we might as well be exactly obedient.  My area is huge!  We have to ride a jeepne and travel for 30 mins just to get to it.  My new house is hilarious hahah.  Remember on Billy the Exterminator when he would go into those houses and there were just cockroaches all over the dishes and stuff?  That's what my apartment is like hahahaha.  They are everywhere and every morning in the bathroom they have like secret meetings and there are just tons of them hahha.  There isn't much going on in the area right now.  But we've got some cool potential oyms so its looking good I'm pretty excited though! 

Thats sooooo awesome that caden won too!  I was praying for him like crazy hahaha!

Elder Zesiger

We haven't had any pictures lately because he is worried that the computer they use may have viruses that will infect his camera. :(  So we rely on ward members to send them.

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