Monday, April 11, 2016

I felt I needed to share The First Vision....

I went to the eye doctor again and I'm sick haha.  I have an auto immune disorder called Posner-Schlossman Uveitis Anterior. Apparently, it's pretty bad because it can make me blind and lead to other auto immune disorders, but if I live a healthy life style and have regular eye check ups for the rest of my life, I'll be fine.  It sounds expensive though lol.  Its reoccurring, so last week my eye pressure was back up to 41 and I had iritus again but I feel good haha.      

Yesterday we were behind on oyms from conference so we had to get 55 in one day, but we only had 2 hours left to work.  We ended up accomplishing it, which is a miracle in and of itself, but the coolest part happened within one of the oyms.  We oymed a group of about six guys in their 20s sitting down on a bench.  As we began to talk, one of them asked me what is different about our religion compared to catholics.  I said that our religion is a restoration of Christ's original church through a prophet named Joseph Smith and that church and authority is on the earth today.  Then I felt that I needed to share the First Vision, something we never do in oyms.  So I did and the Spirit was awesome!  I tried to think about each word as it left my mouth, and by the end, he kind of shivered and said that he had goosebumps hahaha.  We are teaching him later today.

I also had a lot of opportunities to use my priesthood this week, One of the members called us because his 70 year old mom had slipped and fallen in the bathroom and her head was really hurt, they asked me to bless her.  So I followed your (Dad) council and said a prayer that the words would not come from me and I blessed her that she would be OK and know that Heavenly Father loved her.  We then took her to the hospital.  She is ok now and healthy.  Then as I was finishing the blessing, one of the sister missionaries called and said that she needed a blessing, so we went and asked her who she wanted, she chose me, so I blessed her.  That also happened with an investigator and another member, so I gave 4 blessings this week!  It was crazy and really cool.  Conference was also awesome too!

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