Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I had a cool experience with the Spirit earlier this week.

Jeff asked him some questions about the language and the food...

I can say anything that I want to now and understand everything.  I need to polish my grammer, but people can understand when I speak and i can understand them now and it makes things so much better haha.  I haven't dreamed in it, I day dreamed in it one time, I was thinking back to Moab and your stories and when you were telling one you were like, "at tapos sinabi ng bishop namin" and then I noticed and I was like whoa!  I've dreamed about the money though haha one time I was at McDonald's with my friends and I paid with 5 peso coins haha. Another time I was using the metal detector in the back yard with Coby and I found a treasure chest so I opened it and it was full of 5 peso coins I was like how did these get here! haha.  The food is getting good, its kinda boring cuz every single meal is rice with pork or chicken and then some kind of vegetable, and that's it, breakfast, lunch, and dinner haha. I miss roast, but I don't really think about it haha.
I had a cool experience with the Spirit earlier this week.  We were walking up this really steep street and a face popped into my head, I couldn't remember his name cuz we hadn't taught him for 2 months and we only taught him one lesson, but his dad died and we testified to him that he would see him again and the Spirit was strong.  But I kinda just ignored the prompting as we passed the alley that led to his house, we started to go down the other side of the hill and I still felt like we had to.  So I told Elder Mangaoang and we turned around back up the hill, we knocked on the door and I still didn't remember his name, but I knew I had to be there.  An old lady answered and said "what do you want"  Anong problema ninyo? haha  I said that we were looking for her son, I wasn't sure it was her son, but I was fishing for a name haha.  She said Herbert?  Bert Rili popped into my head and i said Yes!  But he wasn't there, we set an appointment and left.  As I walked away, I was thinking "was that really the spirit, am I even in tune or just lost in my own thoughts, is Heavenly Father even helping us, or are we just one in 75,000 of his servants that don't really matter.  As I was discouraged and thinking, we passed and store that was blasting "You're love is like BAD MEDICINE, bad medicine is what I need" hahaha it was awesome!  I remembered what you said and I thanked Heavenly Father for the reminder that He loves me.  It was cool.

We also had the chance to hear one of our investigators named Aries testify that we have changed and given direction to his life and that he is super grateful for us.  He reads about 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon everyday, he's awesome.

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