Thursday, September 15, 2016

I love being a missionary so much, and all of the pain that I had to endure at the beginning was all worth it for how I feel now.

Letter to Mom... 
Ya my shoes are size ten, they have holes in the bottom haha, but my brown ones are still like brand new.  I bought some rubber shoes, but Elder Gibson accidentally took them to Palawan, so they're gone haha.  I got some packages with Oreos and cinnamon toast crunch and grandmas temple one! Thanks they're awesome and everyone in the mission envies me.  During zone conference  I learned a lot about gratitude and I noticed that everyone that I think is really cool, has gratitude as one of their main attributes, so I'm going to build myself into a grateful person.  President also stopped us and congratulated us for having one of the most on fire areas in the mission.  It was cool since it was dead before.  
One funny thing that happened was in sacrament meeting. I was assigned to give the benediction, but I am still in the habit of writing down my blessings in my planner like you said , so I was doing that and then I got distracted and just started drawing Def Leopard and Van Halen logos and all of the sudden, I noticed that everyone was silent.  I was like, "whats going on?"  Then I heard the sister missionaries like "Elder Zesiger!"  I was like "oh crap!"  Then I went up and said the prayer hahaha, but it was a good prayer.

The baptism went well, I'll send pictures.  One of the coolest things is that they were both fathers that we had already baptized their families, but they were both over coming a cigarette addiction, we got them both married too haha.  We have another wedding on the 24th, thanks to Sister Joy, I can plan weddings now, so my wife is lucky.  

We had MTC exchanges and I took out 2 new elders and that was really fun.

I love you mom you are the best mom ever and I owe you a lot, I'll send you pictures:)

Elder Zesiger

We had a great week here.  I had a super cool experience while sitting in sacrament yesterday.  In the scriptures, Ammon rejoices when he sees his converts and the love that they have for one another.  As I watched our investigator, Eunice who will be baptized this Saturday, help our investigator, Roberto who will be baptized on the 1st, know where to sit and explain to him what was going on at church, I felt that feeling.  She is also paying a large portion of his wedding costs, just so that he can get baptized and experience the joy that she herself hasn't even fully experienced yet.  I felt it as I watched Raizo and John Ralph pass the sacrament together, to me, and to their families, and to their friends who are not yet baptized but soon will be passing with them.  I have felt it as the Maglaque family faithfully pays their tithing even though they don't know where their next pay check will come from.  I've felt it as I see Lito, going to church and having fun reading and sharing from the Book of Mormon.  I've felt it as the Totanez family offers to wash our clothes and give us gifts and always let me borrow their umbrella when I'm too forgetful to bring mine haha, even though they don't have much to spare either.  I love being a missionary so much, and all of the pain that I had to endure at the beginning was all worth it for how I feel now.

I love you dad, I love my mission, I am so grateful for all that I have :) and will have (trans am)! haha 

 (Elder Zesiger's dad told him he'd finish restoring his 1976 Trans Am while he is on his mission)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I got a whopper with fries and it was an amazing moment!

From letter to Mom...

I had a great week.  One thing that was amazing is that I got Costco pizza!  There is a company here called S&R which is the exact same as Costco.  But you cant go in without a membership card, even for the food.  Elder Davis and I were at the doctors for my eye and I was asking him if there was a way that we could get in, and he was like " you can just take my card".  We took it and snuck in and it was the best food in the world!

I'm doing good, I finally made that fettuccine alfredo that you sent me, but I used rotten milk, so it didn't taste that good haha.  We've got some more baptisms coming up next week, I'll send you the picture of the ones from last week.  We have zone conference coming up this week, so that'll be awesome.  I can't believe how fast time is going, after September ends, Elder Davis's training will already be over and I'll probably get transferred cuz I'll be 6 months in the area haha.

From letter to Dad...
Hey Dad, this week was really fun.  While we were near the hospital in Makati, I saw a Lambo gallardo, Ferrari 488, and a Porche 911 carrera s all in a row, all red.  It was the sickest thing that I've ever seen haha.  Elder Davis doesn't care about cars, so he didn't know what they were, but it was sick!  Tell mom that my eye is good, it just attacked again, but I just take eye drops and it goes away.  When it attacks everything goes black, but it doesn't hurt.

We have an investigator named L*, that we oymed in the rain about a month ago.  When we found him, he had long pink hair, girly clothes, and was addicted to cocain and alcohol.  Yesterday was the first time that he has been to church.  His hair is now black and short.  He is clean off of drugs (mainly because the police will shoot him on sight if he does any hahaha)  He is good on alcohol and the whole word of wisdom.  He is reading the Book of Mormon and when we asked him how his reading was, he told us the story of how Nephi got the plates in crazy detail, even quoting Nephi in a couple of parts.  If everything goes perfect, he can be baptized before I transfer out of the area.  I really want that to happen haha.

From Coby's letter....
The other day in the rich part of Makati, I saw a Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche all in a row, but in our area I see like 700 homeless kids sleeping on the side of the street on little pieces of cardboard, its kinda crazy and sad.  Right after this, we are going to go to a black market and buy Shelby and birthday present hahaha.

From Caden's letter....
I got to eat Burger King this week!  Usually I just eat pork and rice every single day, but on Thursday, we were going to the doctor to check on my eye cuz it went black again.  But the taxi driver took us about 2 hrs in the wrong direction, we were like way into Quezon City out of the mission boundaries.  On our way back, I saw the Burger King and I was like "holy crap!  take us to the drive thru!"  I got a whopper with fries and it was an amazing moment.