Monday, July 24, 2017

Many people are also coming to church lately and the coming months look really exciting!

Letter to Mom...

July 16, 2017

That's cool Tyler is a cool friend.  I remember the day Jared and I went to his house to say goodbye the morning before he left for the MTC.  It is crazy how fast everything has gone.  I have a happy story for you and one that we are still waiting for the happy ending.

Do you remember David Reyes?  Well he was baptized on April 8 and he is 11.  His mom is less active and his siblings and dad aren't members, but he is like the most faithful kid ever and goes to church every week without fail at 8:20 even though it starts at 9:00.  Last Tuesday, we gave him a lesson one pamphlet and asked him which one of his friends could benefit from the gospel.  He said that he knew a kid named Kor and would give the pamphlet tomorrow.  We didn't really believe him since most members of the church seem to have a hard time doing missionary work.  On Sunday, David was sitting by a kid holding a lesson one pamphlet.  When we asked the kid's name he said it was Kor!  It was awesome haha, we'll go teach his family this week.

The one that still needs a happy ending was with a sister investigator. She faithfully followed President Ostlers council and at the end of the 14 days, we committed her to ask her husband to marry her.  She was nervous so she made one of those jr high notes.  Check yes or no if you want to marry me and put it in his socks before he went to work.  She was super excited and was even going to text us a code word once he said yes.  When he got home, she could tell he read it because he was acting weird, but he pretended like nothing happened.  She felt terrible.  We shared to her and told her to continue strong and the miracle will come.  She needs your prayers, I love you mom!

Elder Zesiger

July 23, 2017

Thanks mom this is a great email!  I'll try to send you some pictures!  Ya President took a lot of pictures and videos for his wife.  They are so cool and always go on awesome adventures together. 

President and Sister Fermanis
Everyone looks great!  That is awesome that she likes to have gospel discussions, I'll have them with her, tell her to send me any questions she has and I'll answer them.:)  Caden looks awesome and Coby's hair looks awesome too! hahaha  I had a weird realization a couple nights ago, I was thinking about you guys and I realized that I can't remember the sounds of your voices except for Coby's and Dad's.  Oh well, it was just kind of weird.  

The area is super fun right now and Geralyn's husband, Jonel, will be baptized this Saturday, that means they can get sealed in the temple before I turn 21!:)  I haven't gotten any packages recently but I'll wait.  My eye attacked again so I'm on the eye drops, but I'm pretty much an ophthalmologist now and I hold the record for most times at the hospital by far, so I'll be ok.

I love you
Elder Zesiger

Letter to Dad....

July 16, 2017

It's awesome!  I'm almost done with it and then I'm going to read the Joseph Smith one.  We have no roommates so I just read the wilford one at night time.  Thanks for working on the Trans am thats great!  That omega looks super cool too!  I think when I get home I'll sell all my watches though and just have the 3 my Rolex Omega and blue Seiko, I can't remember if I have any others worth keeping.

I love the gospel and being a missionary is the most fun thing in the world.  We are teaching this family right now that will be baptized on the 12 of August.  The dad was having a hard time with cigarettes so we had them pray and fast as a whole family for him to have strength and they did it!  Their name is the Evangelista family, it is the mom, dad, and two daughters.  It is so fun to see them change.  When we began to teach them about a month ago, we would always find them drinking or smoking outside their house, but now when we go we find them reading the Book of Mormon haha.  

Evangelista Family
How's the reading the Book of Mormon with the family thing going?  I saw Caden is listening to it while he works haha that's exactly what I did!  It's crazy that he already went on his first date too, he was only 14 when I left!  It's super fast.  The Lord is really blessing our area right now and we are finding a lot of people that want to change their lives and hear the gospel.  We are teaching this one sister right now that lives inside this little hole down this concrete tunnel that you have to like duck walk through to get to, it's awesome!  I love being a missionary.

I love you dad, please continue the trans am.
Elder Zesiger

July 23, 2017

Haha that's awesome about Quiet Riot!  I love James Durban! haha that boat looks cool too, that'll be fun.  I still want to go hunting with you though in Arizona or Argentina.  Everyone looks great in the pictures mom sent, Shelby looks pretty much the same but Coby and Caden look way different haha.  This week was really fun for us.  We've been hanging out with President a lot and having lots of meetings.  He even came and worked with us in our area for a whole day.  We took him on his first tricycle ride.  He was too big and the little 150 motor couldn't handle us up this hill, so we got out and walked while he rode haha it was funny.  He's super cool though and I'm learning a lot!

Our area is seeing a lot of blessings though, we were able to take Danica and Geralyn to the temple for baptisms for the dead on Saturday and it was awesome!  Many people are also coming to church lately and the coming months look really exciting.

One day, as we were talking to President, he was telling us of one time that this general authority came to their stake and chastized them so bad that they were all about to cry.  He was just yelling at them.  When we asked who it was, he said it was Rulon Craven hahaha.  He later became the temple president over there and they became good friends.  I went back through my records and read your email about when he died and I felt like writing you a letter about how proud I am that your'e my dad.  As I went to write it, I realized that I would get home before the letter did, so I decided not to, sorry haha.

I love you dad, thanks for all the amazing emails and encouragement over the last 21 months.  I often talk to missionaries that don't have any support from their families and I am grateful that I have a lot.

Elder Zesiger

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I'll miss President Ostler, but President Fermanis is awesome too!

Letter to Dad...

I'll miss President Ostler, but President Fermanis is awesome too!  He is way into the Book of Mormon and taught institute for 20 years so he knows so much doctrine it is awesome!  I can also read the teachings of the prophets books now so I started reading the Wilford Woodruff one.  

We had the coolest miracle this week though with a sister investigator.  She came with us to a temple trip on Saturday.  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday, but has been struggling to commit to baptism even though she knows it is true because she is very active at her born again church in the province, she goes there every week end and ever since her priest heard that we are teaching her and her family, he has been trying to discourage her.  He even told her that she shouldn't read the Book of Mormon or the Bible, because it was confusing her, that she should just listen to him.  

When we taught her she was still confused about what she should do so we told her to kneel and pray that night and ask Heavenly Father what his will was for her.  She did, and that night she had a dream.  In her dream, she, her husband, and her 2 year old daughter had died.  They were brought to an office where they were told that they would be split up to different waiting places until the second coming of Christ where they would all be resurrected.  he daughter was taken to the Celestial Kingdom and she met her sister's baby daughter who died a couple years ago.  She was taken to her church in the province.  As she waited there, she felt terrible and super sad.  She was confused why she felt so sad and then the thought came that she hadn't done what she should have done while she was on earth.  

When she woke up, she opened the Book of Mormon to know what her dream meant.  She read Alma 7:21 which talks about how the filthy will be filthy still in the next life!  She asked us what it all meant and when we explained it, she said that she wants to get baptized!  It was awesome.

I love you dad, thanks for the pictures
Elder Zesiger
A missionary who is going to the same mission as Elder Zesiger's dad, Chile Antafagasta.

Letter to Mom...

That sounds awesome!  I love the Ostlers they changed my life.  President Fermanis is awesome.  He is super versed in the scriptures and it makes me want to know them better.  When he reads he asks himself questions and I've been trying it and it makes study amazing!   I read my blog you made for the first time the other day and it is awesome!  Thanks so much for doing that I love you mom.  I'll try to get you more pictures from now on. haha!

We are teaching this really cool family named the Evangelista family.  The dad the mom, their 10 year old daughter, adn their 4 year old daughter.  They are going to be baptized on August 12th.  The mom is super good at reading and after 2 weeks is in the middle of 2 Nephi.

Sister A really needs your prayers.  President Ostler's 14 day challenge with her is done and she is going to ask her husband to marry her so she can get baptized.  She wants to so bad and has come to church already like 16 or 17 weeks in a row!  The members didn't even know she was an investigator.

I love you  Thanks for being an awesome mom.  Please read my email to dad, it is awesome!
Elder Zesiger
Geralyn's wedding.

Going to the temple with Karen.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Geralyn got baptized!

Letters to Dad...

July 2, 2017

Ya i'm super grateful to him (his mission president is going home).  I just had a mock going home interview with him yesterday and it was amazing.  He gave me a lot of cool advice and I wrote it all down.  Geralyn got baptized!  It was a total miracle and there were some funny little other miracles that made it perfect too.  After she was baptized, on the day of the confirmation, we felt like we needed to drop by her house before church.  She is always there, but we just felt like we needed to make sure, so we did and we found her asleep!  She had set her alarm but it didn't go off! haha she had 20 mins to get ready and be there.  As sacrament was about to start, she still wasn't there.  The area presidency also made a new rule that the confirmation doesn't have to be at the start of the meeting, it could be at the middle or the end, but the bishop didn't know that.  As the sacrament was about to start, I mouthed over to the first councilors wife and told her to text her husband to have it after the sacrament and she just smiled at me and mouthed back that it was against the rules.  It made me a little mad haha because we would have to wait until next week.  Elder Fiesta and I started to pray for the Spirit to somehow let Bishop know the new rule.  As the sacrament song began, Geralyn walked in with soaking wet hair.  We prayed harder and could see Bishop and his councilors talking in the front.  At the end of the sacrament, he came down and asked me what to do.  I told him the rule and Geralyn was confirmed! haha it was cool.

We also got to go over and speak at a stake meeting in Pasay.  I spoke about missionary work and used some of your Wilford Woodruff stuff.  Those stories are awesome!

That is so cool about Jack, Landon, and Andrew!  I love those guys.  I love my mission.  Thanks for being an awesome parent and an amazing example to me.  I am excited about the future, but I love the present too haha.  We are seeing a lot of miracles and the more I see, the more I realize that I do nothing really, but every baptism and every miracle always comes from Heavenly Father's help, after we've done every thing we can and know how to do.  I'll attach my talk if you want to read it.

I love you dad
Elder Zesiger

Letter to Mom...

June 25, 2017

Hey mom!  Thanks this is an awesome email!  I'm super glad that I came on my mission, before my mission I had never seen the difference in blessings between being committed to the gospel or not.  I kind of saw it in our family members, but I never really understood it for myself.  

Geralyn's wedding
I really wish that I would have read the scriptures more before my mission.  Not as much to better prepare me to serve, but it would have helped me a lot more just with life.  I love the gospel now and I can't imagine living life without it.  

One cool thing that happened this week was with this new family we are teaching.  They are the Evangelista family.  They live in a little alley in a little 5ft by 5ft house.  We are teaching them as a whole family and on Sunday they all came to church!  There is Romi, the dad, Tess, the mom, then their two daughters Donna and Divine.  It was awesome!  We had a good amount of other people come too which was a miracle because one of our biggest work days was spent picking up President from the airport and sitting in the traffic for 6 hours!

Things are going great though, Geralyn is going to be baptized on Saturday, we are just pushing to get them married before then and everything is good.  The coolest thing that happened the whole week though was bringing sister Aileen to talk with President yesterday, I was the translator.  

For the package, I just love sour brite eggs and jalapeno cheetos, and gummy sour candies, and birthday stuff and another journal and chicken ramen, mac n cheese, clam chowder, other stuff I like, oh! jelly bellys!

For Elder Fiesta he wants a journal!

haha I love you so much mom!