Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It taught me never to give up, even when the time is past and it is too late.

Letter to Dad....

We had a cool go getter moment on Sunday.  We are looking at 3 baptisms for June 25 but when we were at sacrament, one of them named didn't show up!  I was freaking out because if she didn't go to church on Sunday, then her baptism would have to be moved to the 16th of July!  After church, we texted her to see where she was.  In their family, there are 3 sisters, they all want to be baptized but every other week one of them has to stay at home and help their mom prepare and sell food at their store.  If investigators miss 2 Sundays in a row, the count has to start again!  Apparently, her sister who was supposed to work, was at a catholic baptism so she had to work.  There was another sacrament meeting at 2pm. So this is what we did:
1. we started calling all of their member neighbors, none of them could work.
2. we decided that we could go work, so we started on the 30 min jeepne ride
3. as we were on our way, the mom texted Elder Magno and said that she didn't want us to work for her, I told him that we should just keep going and it would work out, cuz I didn't know what else to do.
4. we got there and then her sister was there to work!  but our investigator wasn't, she had followed her sister to the baptism and was still there.

At this point I lost hope because it was already 2 and I was frankly just mad at the world!  Then, she walked in!  We were like "lets go lets go!"  and we ran to the church and got there, a little late, but its ok!
It was a cool experience and it taught me never to give up, even when the time is past and it is too late.
She will still get baptized on the 25th:)
I love you guys, I had a dream about the trans am and it needs to be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter to Mom...
I love you mom, I am having a great time!  There are a lot of baptisms lined up for the rest of this transfer.  I am teaching an English class in this squatter compound to a lot of little kids.
I go to St Luke's tomorrow to see if my eye is still clear so that's exciting!
I have also been reading the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith book and I'm learning so much!
I'm going to be soooo successful when I get home now hahahahaha
I am also going to learn how to play the piano, I figured out how to play count thy fountain of thy blessings and it was fun haha.  So Caden better watch out cuz I'm fast:)
I love you guys thanks for being the best parents ever! 

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