Monday, June 27, 2016

When I was sitting there and watching them listen to the talks in their baptismal clothes it was one of the best feelings ever!

Letter to Dad....
 I've just had this rash on my arm for 2 months but I think it'll go away if I ever stop sweating.  When we get back home we are going to have a wrestling bracket, all of the roommates want me to teach them how haha, it'll be fun, we've just gotta go slow so it doesn't count as a "contact sport" so its not against the rules.

I had a good week. It was an amazing feeling to see Raizo and Sherley and Kyla sitting in their baptismal clothes and listening to talks, and when they got confirmed, it felt like the whole room got warm cuz the Spirit was so strong.  Sister Sherley has other kids that want to be baptized too and Kyla's other two sisters want to also.  They are all ready and we've already taught them all the lessons, but they need to go to church for a couple more weeks to fulfill the requirements.

I learned a ton at zone conference.  President Ostler said that when you have hard relationships in life, you have the opportunity to say: am I am man and am I gonna fix this and succeed anyway, or am I a victim and I will just accept anything that will come. I realized that I could choose.  Whenever I try to be happy and have fun and think positive thoughts, we are obedient and get along, when I don't, we don't.  Sometimes its really hard but I've been praying for and studying charity to try to get better.  

Letter to Mom....
Kyla and Raizo and Shirley got baptized!  It was so awesome and when I was sitting there and watching them listen to the talks in their baptismal clothes it was one of the best feelings ever!  Also a big change happened to Raizo's friend, John Ralph.  We have taught him a couple of times, but he never really participated in the lessons, but after Raizo got baptized, he came up to me and was like, "I'm next".
We taught him last night and these 4 new girls were there so we taught them too and he bore his testimony like he was already a member hahaha.  Then he was like "when can I get baptized"  "when can I go on a mission?"  It's soooo cool.

We had a zone conference and I feel like I learned a ton.  President said a cool quote, he said: your success never depends on other people, it always depends on your faith.  I've been collecting quotes and writing them since the end of march and I've got about 260 now and I finally got into the big journal!  It's awesome thanks for sending it to me.  I love you guys a ton:)

Elder Zesiger

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