Thursday, July 7, 2016

Elder Zesiger is having some trouble with his eye again so we are anxious to see what the doctor said.

Letter to Mom...

I'm going to the doctor after this, and I'll probably get more medicine, I'm just bummed cuz I was 2 months without a problem and I was cleared to go to Palawan and the transfer ends next week, so I'm probably still not going. 
I can't imagine why he would want to go to Palawan.  Not that he can go in the water anyway!
Raizo has been awesome, he drew a couple pictures of me and gave them to me, this other investigator also gave me a sick knife!  Raizo and John Ralph work with us everyday and carry our bags hahah its pretty funny.  We had a barbecue last night on the roof and we are going to get huge burgers later to celebrate 4th of July even tho I'm the only American, we are also going bowling haha.

This week was pretty good.  For my eye, its like when you stand up too fast and every thing goes black, but all the time and its like flashing.  I can also see my veins, like not in the mirror, but in my vision.  It looks like black lightning flashing across my vision, its kinda cool, but scary.

I will email dad about an awesome experience that i had with the priesthood, I love you mom.

Letter to Dad...

I had an awesome experience this week with the Priesthood.  When we went to teach the Totanez family, Sister Totanez was really sick.  She couldn't see and she was super dizzy.  I remembered the John Tanner movie, have you seen it?  I asked her what they asked him in the movie.  Do you believe that Christ healed the blind?  Do you believe that His authority and power has been restored and exists in the church today?  Do you have faith sufficient to be healed?  She said yes to all and asked me for a blessing.  I blessed her that she would be okay, but I don't really remember what I said.  After the blessing, the Spirit was strong, but nothing really happened.  We asked her to say the opening prayer for the lesson and she prayed that the blessing would work and told Heavenly Father that she believed.  I was praying sooooo hard in my heart that the blessing would work, for her faith and mine, I had never healed anyone before.  I was praying and praying while Elder Magno taught his part.  I heard these words in my head.  "Put your trust in Me.  I will fulfill my promises."  I was calm.  All of the sudden Sister Totanez stood up to go get her Book of Mormon and the whole room went quiet.  She smiled and started laughing with excitement and said that she felt amazing, after that she read verses like it was no problem, tears came to my eyes.  It was an amazing faith building experience. 

This week was fast, I love you dad.

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