Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I had the thought come into my head that I needed to see him as Heavenly Father does.

Letter to Mom...
I asked about his companion....  Elder Davis is awesome haha he's pretty fun.  He read all the books that I read before my mission and he said that he wants to start a business with me haha.  I'm excited to see the house when I get home, with my trans am parked in front, then I will leave for about 5 hours and drive and listen to music, and it'll be sick.  Raizo's friends name is John Ralph, he is getting baptized on Saturday and some others too!

I've got a lot of stories again.  The one I have for you is about a guy that we are going to baptize.  Last night, we went to May and Trina, and Kyla's house to teach them, but we didn't have a third male so we couldn't cuz that's like a mission rule.  Then I was like, May where is your guy friend, he's never doing anything right?  Then all of the sudden, he walks in and cuz he was hungry and needed food, so we asked him to sit in the lesson.  We read the Book of Mormon and he was participating a lot.  His name in Lito.  While he was participating, I had the thought come into my head that I needed to see him as Heavenly Father does.  As I looked at him, with his pink hair, and thought about how he just lives in his tricycle outside in the rain, I had a vision of how the gospel could bless him.  At the end of our lesson, he asked if he could start coming regularly.  I asked him why he wanted to.  He said that what he wants is a beautiful wife and a son, but he doesn't know how.  We testified to him that the atonement could fix all of his problems and that his dream could come true.  He accepted a baptismal date for September 3rd.  As he prayed at the end of the lesson, he asked Heavenly Father for strength to overcome his challenges and thanked Him for the opportunity to be "counted among us".  It was really cool, I'm really excited for him haha.

I love you guys a ton, more than I can express in email.  The time is going too fast, so tell dad to get the trans am done.  Thanks for the advice about how to be an effective relief society president, it is working! haha

Letter to Dad...
I had one of the coolest experiences ever yesterday!  About a week ago, we oymed (talk to) this lady and found out that she was less active, so we invited her to church and then, unexpectedly she came! haha  So yesterday, we went back to teach her but she was busy so we started talking to her husband, Roberto.  He was in an accident a little while ago and cannot walk, so he just sits in his house all the time and watches tv.  He was never baptized.  We asked him if we could teach him, but he said no cuz he was busy watching tv.  So we looked around the house and saw a lot of statues of Jesus, so we talked about who Jesus was to him and we found out that he has a really strong testimony of Christ and of prayer, his doctrine was a little messed up, but his testimony was pure.  I remembered the "Challenging and Testifying Missionary" and testified that we were sent of Jesus Christ here to bring a message because He loves him and wants him in his church.  Roberto turned the tv off and said that he wanted to hear.  We taught him powerfully and the Spirit was there.  We challenged him for baptism and he accepted.  At the end of the lesson, we asked him to pray.  He began to pray, silently but powerfully, and didn't stop for about 7 minutes.  Since the spirit was so strong, I started praying that he could feel the truthfulness of our message as he prayed and as I pleaded with the Lord, this scripture popped into my head, "many are kept from the truth, only because they know not where to find it." It was cool!  As he opened his eyes from his long and fervent prayer, I asked Roberto if he was able to ask if our message was true.  He paused and didn't speak for about a minute, then he spoke.  "I have been praying to God for the longest time that he would send a prophet to show me the way, and I know that he sent you."  It was so awesome.  He is very excited for us to come back.  haha I love being a missionary.

A story he sent to Caden...

We met this guy named Nixon that lives close to Totanes and he said that we could teach him.  As we started to get to know him, we found out that he does not believe in God.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him to read Alma 32, about faith.  When we got back, he hadn't read, so we just read with him.  The Spirit was strong the whole time.  At the end we asked him how he felt and he said that it sounded like it was talking to him haha.  We asked him to pray, which is not something that he does that often, and he reluctantly said yes.  He said a short, but fervent pray to his Father in heaven.  We asked him how he felt.  He said that he didn't know haha, it felt weird, but really good and he didn't know what it was.  We testified that it was all true, and as we left, he was reading the Book of Mormon.  Haha being a missionary is fun!

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