Monday, July 11, 2016

Someone tried to rob me on Wednesday haha.

Letter to Mom...

(A member in his ward sent a video of him and I asked if it was against the rules or "bawal")

I don't think that they are bawal haha that's funny you know that word, communicating with family is bawal, but I don't receive any communication from you , so I think its fine, the missionary who said that it was bawal is brand new haha.  Ya I have iritis again, it was worse than ever and my pressure was 54 so the doctor was glad that I came in cuz he said that it was high enough to damage my vision.  I'm ok, I'm just bummed that I am bawal on Palawan still.  President texted last night and said that I am training and the district leader for Santa Mesa as well as an island on Palawan called Coron are under me too.  So that's cool.  I've wanted it for a long time haha but its kinda scary now haha but I'm excited, I pick up my anak (companion?) on Wednesday.  Please develop the picture of us with President and send it along with others that you think I need.  

Yesterday night I couldn't sleep, I was just thinking until 3:30am.  I realized how fast the time is going, I've already been in Santa Mesa for 3 months and when I finish the training of my anak, I'll be like 11-12 months!  It's crazy.  I am going to miss Elder Magno. I don't know where he's going yet.

There is an Elder in my bahay named Elder Carel, he is the only member in his family and no one emails him, it would be cool if you befriended him.  He's in his 6th week in the mission right now.  I'm almost 9 months now hahah I'm getting kinda old.  

My week was good, I'm going to St Lukes again after this, I bought a fake Patek Philippe, I couldn't help myself it was only 20$ and its freakin sick I sent it in the video.  I love you guys.  Tell Shelby that we went bowling as a district and I killed everyone, I scored a 129 so she's in trouble.

I love you guys more than anything:)  thanks for always being the best parents ever.

Oh ya a drunk guy tried to rob me one night, it was scary haha, but then an old lady just jumped out of no where and started whacking him with a stick and I got away hahaha it was sick!  I love you mom, don't worry:)

Elder Zesiger

Letter to Dad....

Hey dad... I found out about the transfers last night.  President texted and said that I'm training and I'm a district leader for Santa Mesa and I have about 1/3 of Palawan under me too.  haha I was kinda shocked, I've wanted this forever but when I actually got the text it was kinda scary haha.  I was thinking in my bed until 3:30 am last night so I'm pretty tired right now haha.  You did the exact same thing at 8 months too right haha.  If so that's cool. It's crazy how fast the time is going now.  There are only three elders coming into the mission this transfer, two Americans and a Filipino so he's probably mine, its kinda cool, I'm gonna have an anak, but its kinda scary cuz I don't know how to train or district lead haha, but I'm excited.

We taught a lot of new people this week.  One that was cool was this nanay (mother).  We found a new part of our area that we didn't even know we had.  It is a huge squatter area along the river with 10,000s of people all in little wooden houses.  The nanay was taught by missionaries before and then her husband died and she moved, she has a lot of questions and our lesson with her was really spiritual especially in telling her how she could see him again, because of all the Christ did for us.  It was cool.

Part of our district, we didn't know they were taking a picture.
Someone tried to rob me on Wednesday haha.  I was on exchanges with Elder Gibson in his area so we were just two tall white guys.  All of the sudden this drunk guy just grabbed my arm and started grunting like a monkey haha.  I was like "oh frick!"  and I like yanked my arm back, then he grabbed my bag and was just pulling and screaming.  All of the sudden this old lady just jumped out from the darkness and started whacking him with a stick.  So we ran hahaha.  It was awesome.  Until that moment I never realized that I am just an 18 year old kid wandering around a drug infested city haha, and I'm still totally safe!  That's pretty cool.

I love you dad, I look up to you a lot, but I'm doing fine, tell mom not to worry.  I'm finishing the standard works, but the bible is long.  There are a lot of ways to sacrifice a bull and now I know every single one. haha.  Also, the transam has to be done so I can focus on developing myself into a success.

There is a guy in my ward that has kind of become one of my idols.  His name is Aries Siton.  When he was little, his family was really poor and he collected and sold plastic to survive, then he went on a mission and decided that he could change his life.  When he got back he worked really, really hard and got smart.  Now he owns his own architecture and engineering company.  His wife is a lawyer and they both play instruments.  He is now building an apartment complex across the street from his house for income and he just decided that he would build a hotel.  He is always super happy but he can be serious too.  He came up to us yesterday when Raizo got ordained a deacon.  He is the ym president and for the last two years every month he has been fasting that a young man could be baptized into the ward.  Raizo was the first one, it was awesome!

I love my mission, I love you guys:) thanks for being the best parents ever.

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