Monday, August 1, 2016

Letter to Mom...

No the days have been good, it is pretty stressful a lot of the time now cuz I have to do everything, but its kinda fun.  I just need socks, but only black and grey and blue cuz all the crazy ones you send are bawal (against the rules) haha!  Mac and cheese is good, I still have my spaghetti sauce cuz beef is hard to get, but protein bars and cereal are amazing!  I haven't gotten the birthday one yet, but I'm going to the office on Wednesday  so hopefully its there!  (I asked him for package requests.)

Here's a story for Coby:  Our house is always full of cockroaches so last Monday, we decided to see how many we could kill.  We destroyed their hiding places and made a big pool of fire in the middle of the room (sounds safe?!!), then we got a broom and when they would run, we swept them in, we probably killed about 250 haha, but now they are all back again.:( hahahaha

Here's a story for you:  We have an investigator named Eunice and she has been reading the Book of Mormon but didn't know that it was true, she said that she would have to finish the whole book first.  I'm not that patient so I told her that we were going to pray right there, she prayed and asked if it was and then when she was done, we asked how she felt.  She said she felt like she needed to share it with all her friends.  We shared 1 Nephi 8:12 and how Lehi felt the same way.  Then we asked "so is it true?"  she said "yes"  it was kinda simple, but it was cool.

Here's a stressful story.  On Saturday morning at 6 am we woke up to help Wendel and Shane get married, we got all ready and then called Sister Joy for help, the only problem was that she thought it was on Wednesday, but she said to go to the city hall anyway and ask, so we did.  The only problem was that there were 3 city halls and it wasn't until the 3rd one that we actually found it.  When we finally got to the lawyers house, he wasn't there, he was out playing tennis. Keep in mind that Shane and Wendel's whole families were following us around , all depending on me to make it happen.  Some had come from far away.  They were like murmuring in the back too like wondering if the wedding would start.  I called the lawyer and he came and it was awesome though, it was such a good feeling when it was over, and they were all very happy:)

Letter to Dad....
 My week was really fun too, but I am realizing the stress of being the leader.  For the baptism and the wedding, it like all depends on me and everyone just looks to me for everything, it's hard!  In sacrament they announced the baptism for 4pm, but Elder Davis didn't understand so he told Shane to be there at 5pm.  It was very stressful when they were an hour late and the bishop and the ward mission leader were freaking out at me haha.  

We are seeing a lot of miracles.  We just got a referral of a family that is ready to be baptized on Aug 20, we just have to get them married, so that's sick!  The language is easy now, but what are some things you think I could do to lead better?  I've been studying leaders in the scriptures a lot too.

I got to interview someone and then baptize them yesterday that has over come a lot of sins, it was really, really awesome!

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