Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Sometimes the Lord with let us fail to teach us lessons

Letter to Dad....
I had my interview with President and while we were talking, he shared something awesome.  I told him about the baptism and then the wedding and then the district activity and how for 3 days nothing went right haha and this is what he said.  "Sometimes the Lord with let us fail to teach us lessons."  He said that he sees it all the time as a mission president, how the Lord sometimes will put two missionaries in an area together and it just destroys the area, over time, President has learned that the Lord does this to teach the individual missionaries.  
Elder Zesiger's birthday party!
I saw an example of this at church yesterday.  For the last couple weeks we have done really good with having investigators at church and we were expecting it to double.  Saturday night, we taught this less active named Brother Fernando and he hasn't been to church in about 3 months but he has really strong faith.  His whole family also depends on him as they will not go to church without him.  But because it rained so much earlier in the week, he wasn't going to hit his delivery quota and he was going to have to work on Sunday as a result, unless it rained.  It did rain and he came to church.  Because it rained, some of our investigators were not able to come, but only the ones that are already sure and missing one Sunday won't really hurt them.  It was just interesting to see Heavenly Father sacrifice something, for something more important.

Not the best picture but he wanted to show that he made his cake!
Other than that, I had a hot shower cuz I boiled some water, I also played a lot of yu gi oh this week. Oh ya and president said something cool.  He said I will probably never serve in Palawan, so that was sad but he told me that there are no such things as once in a life time experiences.  After 20 years he was able to visit his mission again with his whole family.  They had a lot of fun, but at the end he was sad cuz he knew that they were too poor to ever return.  He has now been back over 20 times.  He said that I have the capacity to do anything in this life, and that I will.
Being a missionary is fun haha I love you!
Letter to Mom...
  We had a super rainy week, 3 of the days had floods up to our shins haha.  And then our water got shut off in our house so we have been showering and drinking with the 72 hour kit water haha which doesn't work that well.  But I did have the best shower of my mission 2 days ago.  I boiled 2 pots of water and then poured them on myself and had my first hot shower in 9 months, it was amazing!

I also got back into YU-GI-OH and I've been playing with Elder Gibson after planning and stuff haha, it's still sick!

We've had a lot of people to church for the last 3 weeks and the end of August and the first of September will have a lot of baptisms.  It's pretty cool to see cuz since me and my companion are both trying to be obedient now, there are a ton of miracles in the area every day.

Thanks for the socks!
I love you mom, I also had an interview with President but I'll say more of that to dad, but thank you for being the best mom ever!

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