Monday, March 6, 2017

Few words but lots of PICTURES!

Letter to Dad...

We still get to procelyte, we just work about half the week, cuz there are a lot of meetings.  I forgot my journal but the spiritual experience that I remember is from MLC (mission leader conference).  It was my first one as an assistant and it was cool to see all the zone leaders and sister training leaders from the front.  We split into groups and did a practice teaching about asking questions.  Since we were able to set it up, I used the experience of the Maglaque family from Santa Mesa.  Their baby died about a week before we started to teach them.  The missionaries didn't know the situation and they had to figure it out.  It turned out awesome.  President came and watched our groups and it was like the most spiritual experience ever!  The missionaries who were in it all started crying and then after, one stood up and testified that the gospel was true, like a movie.  Then President was like "isn't it amazing that how strong you can feel the Spirit even in a practice teaching? It's all true..."  It was awesome.

Next week I'll remember my journal, I love you dad
Elder Zesiger

Letter to Mom....

haha thanks for the pictures mom, but I dont need a pregnant selfie every week haha.  This week was pretty cool, but I'm kinda tired and I cant really remember any of it, my journal is at home.  I haven't gotten the package yet (with a new journal in it) , but hopefully it'll get here fast cuz I've only got 3 pages left in my journal.

For p day, we went to this place called Ocean Park which was cool, it is like a Sea World kind of place with sharks and stuff.  I was petting some sting rays but then the sting ray lady got in an argument with us cuz she was super baptist and wanted to know the exact date that we accepted Jesus in our hearts and were saved haha, we tried to explain that we need to do that everyday and endure to the end, but she wouldn't listen so we left.

Don't worry mom, next week I'll bring my journal so I can remember what to write better.  

I love you 
Elder Zesiger

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