Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Heavenly Father is working wonders in our area!

From Coby's letter....

Aright buddy I've got a story for you.  One of our investigators, Geralyn, had a cool dream that I believe was a message from our Heavenly Father to help her along with her conversion.

She dreamed that she was standing on the bank of a river with really fast water.  On the other side of the river, i was standing there with my companion and all of Geralyn's ward friends.  She knew that she had to get across so that she could be happy with us.  Her husband was on the side with her and she knew that she had to bring him with her across.

She interpreted her dream to mean baptism and marriage and she is super excited and committed to be baptized now!  Heavenly Father is working wonders in our area!

Mom's letter....

I have a cool miracle for you.

I was in the temple again for the first time since June with all of the going home missionaries, and I was once again praying for an experience or a feeling so that I could  have a stronger testimony of temples.  Kind of what we talked about a long time ago if you remember.  Nothing really happened other than a small feeling of peace and once again, I was kind of bummed because I have felt way stronger than that in little houses made out of garbage, why could I not feel it in the temple of the Lord.  Those were kind of my thoughts. 

At the end of the day, President was giving his opening remarks for the going home testimony meeting and he said that he had prayed to know of what to speak of and he felt that he must speak about temples.  He testified of how they had helped him in his life and how he receives power every time he goes.  As he closed, he said that he never does that for going home activities, but that he just thought that he should.  I know that it was an answer from Heavenly Father.  It might not have been time for me to have an awesome experience in the temple, but I think that God set that up to let me know that He heard my prayer and will answer it when I really need it.  It was awesome!

I love you mom, thanks for making a shrine to me, that way the baby might at least recognize me haha, maybe you can put her crib in front of it. hahaha.   I love you so much and I am grateful that you are my mom.

Letter to Dad....

This week was awesome.  A lot of miracles happened in our area.  We got to see 7 missionaries die (go home) and it was super spiritual.  One, Sister Savea had a crazy experience.  On February 26, she got to Skype her father who was dying of cancer.  He was not a member but she was able to teach him the plan of salvation over Skype.  He died the next day.  Over the last 2 weeks of her mission, she was able to teach almost all of the 40 principles from preach my gospel and she said that she felt her dad's presence with her in all of them.  Before she left on her mission, when she was set apart, she was promised that her father would join the church because of her example and her family, like the ones she would come to teach would become an eternal one.  She said that it did not happen in the way she expected, but she knows that her family will be together forever and that the gospel is true.  It was amazing to hear.

I am super grateful for you guys.  I'm glad that you did send me here and I am super glad that you went too to be an example to me.  I am glad that I endured the first couple months when it sucked so that I can experience everyday now the miracles of the Lord.

A lot of other miracles happened, but I'll email them to the others, but I just thought that this one fit in with what you emailed to me.  

Letter to Caden....

I have a cool story for you.  One of the girls that we are teaching and will be baptized later in April, Danica, told us a cool story about her and her sister, who we are also teaching.  After she accepted a baptismal date, she told us that her sister, Karen, had been praying one night a couple of weeks ago, asking God which church was true.  The next day, we knocked on her door and taught her and her husband.  We had also prayed to know who was prepared for us to teach that night and then climbed up to the 4th floor of this building we had never been to and knocked on her door.  She later told her sister Danica, so she prayed too that we could come to her.  The next day, we showed up at door and taught her.  We didn't even know that they were sisters until about a week later and until a couple of days ago, we never knew this awesome story about how we were led to them!

I know that Heavenly Father prepares people and He leads us to them if we will ask.  He will do the same thing for you in your mission.

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