Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finally, I got humble and prayed to Heavenly Father.

Letter to Mom...

haha I love you so much mom.  Kate looks awesome!  You are the best.  I had another awesome week this week.  I sent the coolest miracle to Dad, but I have a cool one for you too.  I was at MLC which is like the leadership council with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders and I had to teach them.  Since we are really busy all the time, I hadn't prepared anything, but I had to teach them about how to use family home evening as a missionary tool.  I just stood up and started going and it ended up being the best lesson in front of a group that I think I've ever taught!  It was cool it was like Heavenly Father knew that they had to learn these things to help the mission so He just helped me out.

We are seeing a lot of miracles in our area.  It is kind of like Santa Mesa was, no one has been baptized here in like a year but we have one coming up this Saturday!  and the next couple weeks hopefully!  I love being here.  

Dad sent me this cool thing about my name which pretty much says that I can be lazy or awesome and I am super grateful to you that you got me out here on a mission.  you were the one who packed me and did all the papers and helped me with the ticket desk, all I did was reluctantly leave haha.  I am so grateful to have you as a mom.  I'm excited to see you and Kate and everyone on mother's Day, but also not excited haha.  I'll email more stories to others, I love you mom.

Elder Zesiger🏝

Letter to Dad...

Haha that's awesome!  Thanks for the story and the name thing!  Kate looks awesome and it's cool that you used Alta (her middle name).  I am super glad that mom made me go on a mission before college or other stuff cuz I would've blown it haha.  I often think of what my life would be like right now if I didn't go on a mission and I don't think that it would be very good.  I'm super happy that I came here, I love these people.

I've got a lot of cool stories again for this week.  Heavenly Father taught me one of the best lessons ever last night.  Lately we've been kind of successful finding people and stuff and I think that we have not been relying on Him as much as we should.  We were fasting yesterday and excited for an awesome day with lots of appointments as usual, but every appointment fell through.  For 7 appointments and like 4 hours, we just got rejected and rejected.  It's called getting punted.  It happens to most people a lot, but this was one of my first times so it was hard.  By the time 7 pm rolled around, it was almost time to go home to do reports and I felt like a complete failure.  We were supposed to be the best examples I thought, this doesn't happen to us!  Finally I got humble and prayed to Heavenly Father.  I told Him that we were doing our best, but weren't good enough to do this work.  I told Him that we had done all we could do and that we needed His help.  Just then, a thought came into my head that we needed to go back to this guy that we had oymed on the street on Friday night.  He seemed ok,, but nothing special, but we had no other ideas, so we went.

When we got there, he let us into his house and we taught his wife and kids.  It was amazing and they were really interested and are excited for us to come back.  And then, just to prove that Heavenly Father was looking out for us, as we were about to leave, they offered us dinner.  We had just met them haha but they fed us an amazing meal of fried talapia and rice, they were a really poor family.  I left that house super grateful to my Heavenly Father.

Later that night, when I was following up the zone leaders, some of them were discouraged and I was able to share that story with them and the spirit was super strong in those calls too!  I love being a missionary haha, especially when it gets hard.

Haha I love you guys, I'm excited to see Kate, but also not excited cuz that'll mean that I've only got 5 months left...

Have a great day
Elder Zesiger

Letter to Shelby...

I had lots of cool experiences this week kaibigan.  On Wednesday night, Elder Fawson and Elder Cortez flew over from Palawan to stay with us before mlc.  Elder Fawson worked with me and I thought that I had the day totally figured out.  I had an awesome plan with lots of good people, but Heavenly Father had a better one.  My plan totally failed,and no one was home.  I just asked Elder Fawson who he knew because 14 months ago he was in this area.  He brought us to this investigator who was almost baptized 14 months ago, but she moved to the province right before, so she never was.  

We were able to teach her and during the lesson, we asked her why she thought God would sent Elder Fawson back at this time.  She said that it was because she should continue where she left off and be baptized!  It was awesome haha.

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