Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some great pictures on Palawan and in the Mission home.

Letter to Mom....
This week was really fun and really weird.  I have a lot of pictures for you.  We went to Palawan again to teach at zone conference and we spent one day doing the underground river!  It was super awesome mom.  You go into this river through a cave and there are just 500 bats above your head at all times!  It's super cool.  I also taught a couple classes in a bamboo hut on the ocean.

When we got back, we stayed in the mission home for 2 nights while President was gone.  I had cheese chips and salsa for lunch and cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast!  I also had my first hot shower in 17 months!  It was crazy!

As I was in a boat, sailing across the ocean in the most beautiful place I've ever been.  I had a cool moment of prayer.  I just felt super blessed and was amazed how everything has worked out for me.  I was so bummed how everyone else in the mission got to go serve in paradise except for me and that I just had to stay in Manila all the time surrounded by smog and garbage.  But as I zoomed across the light blue ocean, surrounded by cliffs, watching the monkeys sit on the beach, I realized how much I actually have and how amazing my life and mission have been.  I thanked Heavenly Father, it was cool.

I also got to see Elder Davis since he's assigned there right now, he's doing great.  The other crazy thing that I noticed was once I was done with my little heavenly adventure to Palawan and American food and hot showers, all I wanted to do was go back out to our area in Makati and teach haha, that is where the fun actually is.

I love you mom, 
Elder Zesiger

Teaching a zone conference on Palawan

Elder Zesiger and Elder Davis

Letter to Dad...

Ok.  My week was kind of weird haha it didn't really feel like a mission.  We spent half of it in Palawan and the other half living in the mission home, I got a couple hot showers, so it felt weird to go back home and have a freezing shower this morning haha.  But through all of it, when I was in paradise, the best part of the week was being able to come back to Makati and teach our investigators.

We found another cool lady this week named Jhei.  Her family is kind of interesting.  She is like 40 but already a grandma and the baby's great great grandma is 80 and still lives with them in the house.  So they have been getting pregnant early for generations haha.  She wouldn't let us in her house cuz she thought we would bug her family, so we just taught her on the street next to her balut stand.  As we started, she just said that before we shared, she wanted to know what we could do to "Mahikayat" you can translate that but it pretty much means to convince her, that Catholicism was wrong and why she should join our church.  We had a member with us and we asked her what happened to her.  She shared how she how she felt that it was true by the spirit because of the things she did, like reading and praying.  Jhei started to cry, she said that her life has been so hard, that all of her three children have different dads and that she has been a single mother now for 7 years and it's really hard.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and promised that it will help her.

As we left we asked when we could come back and she said anytime, she then offered that next time she would make space for us in her house so that she could listen better, an idea that she had adamantly rejected 30 minutes earlier haha.  Our message is true.

Can you send me another cool story from your mission, they're my favorite and I remember them.  I love you dad
Elder Zesiger
PS that picture of bubba is cool

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