Sunday, December 6, 2015

Letter from President Ostler

P.O. BOX 1997
Makati Central Post Office
0714 Makati, Metro Manila
4 December 2015
Dear Brother and Sister Zesiger,
Great news! Your son arrived in the Philippines Manila Mission last Wednesday! We picked up all the new
missionaries at 6 AM from the Manila MTC. Your missionary looks great! Each of the missionaries expressed
enthusiasm and excitement to begin their work. We fed them well, trained them with all the health, financial,
and mission things they needed to know to get started. We also taught them how much Heavenly Father loves
them and how He expects them to do their best, but that He is also a wise, loving Father. We showed a video of
our one-year-old grandson, Ryan, learning to walk. They saw how Ryans parents encouraged and cheered him
on as he was taking his first steps. We discussed how they were never upset with him if he wobbled or fell
because they understood he was learning to do something new and that he would need practice to be able to do it
well. That is the same type of experience your missionary will be having. We hope you will support and
encourage him during this big transition time. Help him realize it is natural to feel “wobbly”, but as he keeps
trying, he will find his abilities growing until his confidence and enjoyment increases. Soon, he will love the
work and the people with all his heart.
We are so very grateful to you and your family for sharing your missionary with us and the wonderful people of
Manila. We hope that you will be able to enjoy the wonderful growth that your missionary will be experiencing
during his mission. We encourage you to email him weekly and share the positive things happening in your
family. If you have serious concerns or worries about your missionary, do not hesitate to email or call us. You
can reach us via email at or by phone at 011632-836-4963. We, or our office staff,
would be glad to help you.
Your missionary has been given one of the best missionaries of our mission, Elder Arnejo, to be his trainer.
They will be serving in the Bonifacio District of the Bonifacio Zone. We expect great things from them. Please
see the enclosed pictures for your enjoyment. We love your missionary, and we again express our appreciation
for your willingness to share him with us. We will do all in our power to help him have a happy and successful
experience here on his mission. May Our Heavenly Father bless you and your family.
With sincere gratitude,
President and Sister Creg D. Ostler
Philippines Manila Mission


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