Monday, December 14, 2015

I had two miracles happen this week.

I had two miracles happen this week.  I experienced the gift of tongues in its fullness on Dec 10.  We went in and taught this guy and his daughter about the sacrament.  It was a short normal lesson and after it was over my comp talked to the daughter and the old guy started talking to me.  He told me that he was 70 and that he feared he would die soon and he didnt know what would happen to him.  Only he said this in all Tagalog and I understood him perfectly!  I was them able to tell him of the plan of salvation in fluent Tagalog for the next 10 mins! The whole room got silent and listened to me.  It wasn't that I used words that I didnt know, but every word I did know came straight to my remembrance and was as readily available as English! It was awesome! Right after I was done, I couldn't understand and speak any more .
I also had a good talk with my comp about how a couple months before I came, someone told him that he wasn't good enough to teach the gospel because he had only finished 10th grade and thats why he was struggling.  He said that when he saw me trying my best to talk to everyone even though I had no idea what they were saying, it changed his mission and that he was super grateful for me.  It was awesome, I will continue to try my best but it is very hard
This is from Cole's email to me.  I asked some questions, one being, "Can you buy toilet paper?".
haha ya but I dont think I will, its expensive and our toilet doesn't have the power to flush with toilet paper in it lol, but it's ok I'm used to it now.
We usually teach like 4 or 5 lessons and walk a lot.  I led the zone in oym's this week along with my companion so that was awesome! I got 132 my goal for this week is 210!
The food is better than the MTC I eat rice all the time now lol still just rice and chicken, and a lot of spaghetti but its like a sweeter version, but it is still good.
I got the christmas package I think inside the pillow case I haven't opened it yet but that's the only thing I've gotten.  I think you still send them there.
I think I'll skype you on the 26th here so it can be Christmas for you I don't really know the details yet but I will figure it out.\
I love you so much Mom

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  1. Fantastic, the Lord is awesome! Happy New Year! He gave us families and Mom"s. It is going to be an amazing year.