Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last Week in the MTC

I asked Cole what he does as District Leader in the MTC...

 As District Leader pretty much am the teacher most of the day, people come and talk to me about problems too and every Sunday I teach a sunday school lesson. I put Shelby and Dad on the prayer role today.

I went procelyting again, this time in Manila! It was awesome! My companion was the Zone Leader so that was cool pero he let me lead which was hard but cool.  At first we did some street contacts and I got us 4 return appointments!  Then we started knocking on some doors in the squatter area,(which means their houses are made out of trash and their doors are really sheets) One family let us come in and we taught them the Restoration.  It was weird when I walked in dahil he had no pants on just really tight small under wear and his like 20 year old daughter had no shirt and was breast feeding a baby lol.  They weren't listening very good at first dahil they belonged to the Iglesia NI Christo so they kept trying to tell us we were wrong, pero when I quoted the First Vision to him in Tagalog and told him the story of Joseph Smith, he was silent and listened, the spirit was super strong and he accepted the Book of Mormon and said that he would read it.  I said the closing panalangin and then we heard people yelling, it started getting really hot so we looked outside.  There was a huge housefire! So we ran away with the family and their house burned down.  Apperantly in that fire over 75 people died and over 100 houses burned down! It was the craziest experience of my life.

I found this story online...
Sister Barton and I had our secret Christmas party. She and Sister Holzworth gathered everyone from their district and I grabbed everyone from mine and once all the teachers had left we went into my district room.  We all brought our gifts and distributed them and opened them one by one and tried to guess who they were from.  It was awesome.  Sister Barton got me one and she bought me two bags of jelly bellys, carmel apple suckers and a gatorade because she had heard me talk about those things every once in awhile during conversations haha.  It was aweosme even though it was against the rules I think it was still good dahil it brought everyone closer together.

The fish that stares at you while you eat it.

If you would like to send Elder Zesiger a Christmas card his address is
Philippines Manila Mission
Elder Cole Zesiger
PO Box 1997
200 Makati City, Metro Manila

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