Sunday, December 13, 2015

First Week in the Mission Field

This email was kind of hard for me...he was always so positive at the MTC.  I'm sure we will get more like this though.  If everything was always easy he would not grow and gain experience....

I love my Mission President he knew who dad is before Ieven asked him so that was cool.  His wife is awesome too!  My companions name is Elder Arnejo, he is from Mindinow which is an island.  The most his dad ever made was 9$ a day as a fisherman.  It is really hard to relate to him, he is also super into the rules and its super annoying all he ever says is bawal it seems sometimes haha.  I am living in this little apartment in Makati. No toilet paper I hope the water is clean, cold shower, there isn't enough room for me on the toilet so my head is always jammed up against the wall.  There is no ac so it is always hot, we have a stove, but no microwave so I can't cook my popcorn there is no jerky in the Philippines.  People are nice in my area.   All of the kids are always like "sup bro" or "hey man" cuz they must have seen it on tv or something.  I have had like 20 girls ask me to marry them, one old drunk guy, two gay guys, and like 5 shemales so thats kind of annoying. No one here really speaks english it is really hard I never know whats going on because everyone talks super fast.  I miss Sister Barton and everyone else from the mtc.  I hate it most of the time, but there are some good moments like when I met bro jib.  On Wednesday I am going to a members house and I guess he has an electric guitar ibanez something so I am excited for that.  There were no packages or letters in the mission home:(
It is super hard I miss you guys and love you more than anything.

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