Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Hello!

Cole's email to us this time wasn't much! haha He is excited to skype with us on Christmas in 4 days...but who's counting!  He has recieved his Christmas packages so he is excited about that.

The Manila Mission had a goal to have a "white" Christmas.  Meaning baptismal white.  On December 26th he will have his first baptism and he is very excited! The man's name is Rueben. 

Cole loves the ward he is assigned to and they have fed him dinner every night this week.  He was able to go to a ward mission Christmas party and a mission Christmas party.  He said they were fun but he felt like they were "wasting time".  He is very into his OYM (open your mouth) goals and doesn't like to stop working.  He told us this quote..."if you want to baptize a few people, then talk to a few people, and if you want to baptize everyone you can, talk to everyone you can." I am so proud of his dedication. 

He has struggled with home sickness and in his journal he writes that he has faith that he will get better but that he prays that it will get better quickly.

Some questions he answered for me....

How many lessons do you teach a day?  3 or 4 a day
How many miles do you walk a day? about 3 miles every day
How is your ward?  They are great at feeding me but they need to give us more referrals.  (our  
    missionaries would say the same about us in Utah too haha)
Spiders ins your apartment?  No but lots of cockroaches
What will you do on Christmas Day?  Open my presents!

Cole also mailed Coby and his Dad each a birthday gift this week.  It was so cute!! He sent Coby a Boy Scouts of the Philippines shirt and Jeff a Ferrari pen.  He wrote them each a nice letter as well.  He mailed the package via DHL and it got here in 3 days!!! I couldn't believe this so I asked him about his money situation! It cost $40 to mail the half pound package.  He gets $160 a month of flexible money.  So he spent a whole weeks worth to ship the package.  Crazy boy.  Luckily people have been nice to give him a little Christmas money in his account!

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