Tuesday, December 29, 2015

After skype

So right after the skype I just cried a lot and rewatched my 8 min recording for an hour, then I went to the baptism, the zone leaders were sick so I actually got to baptize two people!  Rose and her Boyfriend Romell were having a hard time because they need to get married before she can get baptized, the marriage license costs $40 but Romell only makes $3 a day and they use that for food.  Elder Arnejo and I fasted for them to find a way because I know that Heavenly Father wants her to get baptized and he has the power to gather $40 haha.  The next day, some people in the ward got together and I think they are going to help her pay for it so our prayers were answered!  I love teaching Sister Rose. A is still having a hard time with the word of wisdom especially because from Christmas to New Years here is like party central and everyone is continuously drunk and smoking between those times.  They also have these huge fire cracker sort of things and a lot of the little kids are losing their fingers because they don't know that they have to throw them.  Litterally every single kid here got an airsoft gun for Christmas, so from Christmas until now there has been a continuous airsoft war surrounding us,I'm  surprised we haven't gotten hit yet haha.  On the day we fasted, at 7pm we finally got to eat, we had spaghetti at a members house and I ate two huge plate fulls until I was totally full and felt satisfied, we then visited the Dones family just to say hi and they were having a party.  Sister Dones made us come in and she had a ton of food for us.  I had two plates of chicken alfredo and two plates of Fruit salad.  Whenever I Was finished and thought I would explode because of so much food, she would just yell "you eat more, you eat more!" at me, so I kept eating.  When I finally finished my 4th plate, I was so happy to be done, and then she brought me a huge cake! When I finished that I was praying that she wouldn't have any other food.  And then she brought me more desert!  When I was walking home I felt like I was about to die haha.  It was a fun week I feel like I have gotten my determination back, we will visit the temple after this.

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