Monday, October 3, 2016

Elder Zesiger is going to miss the Santa Mesa area!

Letter to Dad....
 We had a really fun week,  we had a couple more baptisms and an MTC exchange, but the coolest part was that I saw my MTC teacher, Brother Caling, again for the first time since Dec 1 haha it was awesome!  My new area I will be leading is the Paranaque West Zone, it's the farthest zone from everything in the mission besides Palawan, it borders the Cavite mission.  I'm going to miss Elder Davis though, we ended up getting 12 baptisms in his training which is one a week, so that was fun. 
My MTC teacher Elder Caling 

One cool thing that happened this week was just during studies.  We were watching all of the preach my gospel movies for Elder Davis's training and all of the missionaries were bearing their testimonies on how they knew that everything was true and how they were close to Heavenly Father and I thought to myself that I felt closer to Heavenly Father back when I was having a really hard time and relying on him really hard.  But now that I've just been having success and everything is going good, I didn't feel like I was as close and that made me kind of sad.  I was wondering how I could be close, and have a fun life haha and not have to choose one or the other.  I started reading in my scriptures and found that verse that you sent me a while ago in Due. 31:6, that was pretty cool, so then I ended study with a prayer and when I opened my eyes, I saw my preach my gospel on my desk and I felt a strong prompting that I needed to put it in my bag, I didn't know why because I never bring it with me, but I opened my bag anyway,  when I did I found a referral that we were going to visit but we lost.  As I thought about the experience I realized that if I wasn't close to Heavenly Father, then I wouldn't receive promptings like that.  As I was pondering this, the words popped into my head, "I am with thee".  It was cool, that hasn't happened for awhile.

Letter to Mom....
I'm getting transferred to lead the Paranaque west zone.  It's a pretty rich area.  It'll be fun haha.  I might be roommates with Elder Fawson because I think he's one of my district leaders hahaha.

My cool story for you is about Fernando Cordero and Cocay.  Fernando was less active for a very long time.  He didn't think that he could ever go to church because of his work.  His wife, Rissa, would never go either because he wasn't there.  Exactly 5 weeks ago, Rissa got really sick.  She promised Heavenly Father that if her pain would go away, she would go to church every day for the rest of her life.  The pain immediately went away and she knew she had to go.  Every week since, they have been there, and the miracle happened just in time for Cocay to get baptized right before I transferred.  Their small food table is now very successful and money is not much of a problem.  I know that Heavenly Father knows his children and he knows how to bring them back to church.  Fernando got worthy and it was so amazing to see him baptize Cocay, after teaching him for almost 6 months!  I love being a missionary haha.

The next two days will be sad and a lot of goodbyes haha, I'm still not good at those.

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