Monday, October 17, 2016

I had a lot of cool experiences with prayer this week....

Letter to Dad...

I knew it would be a girl! (We told him we are having a baby girl!) I loved Reva Johnson.  Tell Keith that I said that and I always looked up to him and her.  President Uchtdorf's talk was for them.  The Plan of Salvation is amazing. 

I'm poor right now, but I think I'll be able to live cheaper once I get back home after living here so long haha.  The other day I was thinking of all of the stuff that I have at home and I was amazed.  I have 7 guitars, a watch collection, a gun collection, a car, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a microwave.  All of these things are worth a lot more than the combined possessions of most of my friends here, it made me feel kind of bad.  

I have the coolest ward in the mission, the Bishop stood up and talked about Dallin H. Oaks talk and said that we shouldn't just pray for the missionaries, but we should pray for our own missionary experiences.  And I thought that just to make sure that you guys do this, you should send me a missionary experience each week, even if it's just small.

Right after this I am preparing for the zone meeting tomorrow.  I love you Dad.

Letter to Mom...

Hey Mom, this week was awesome!  It was the fastest week of my mission, I think it was just because I was busy doing zone stuff.  I went to Mission Leaders Council for the first time which is freaking awesome.  All of the zone leaders and sister training leaders get taught by president and discuss the direction of the mission.  Sister Barton and Sister Holzworth were there, and we ate and talked and it felt like the MTC again haha it was cool.

I had a lot of cool experiences with prayer this week.  About last week, my eye started to get blurry, but since we are so busy, I wasn't going to tell the nurse until it went black.  I started feeling like I really needed to text her, but I didn't want to.  Finally I asked Heavenly Father and I felt strongly that I should, so I did and I went to St Luke's.  My eye thing recurred but the cool part was that for the next week, the doctor would have been gone on vacation, so if I would have disobeyed the prayer and waited until my eye went black, I would have been screwed!  I thought it was a cool experience of personal revelation.  

We found a lot of cool new families this week.  One is the Orara family.  The husband is less active and they have 5 kids.  But the coolest thing happened with Lora Bell.  I knew that she was moving to Las Pinas, but before I got transferred, I forgot to get her number off of our phone.  But one day, Elder Fawson was walking in their area and this girl came up to them and said that she was a member and she just moved.  Elder Fawson asked who it was that taught her and she said Elder Zesiger.  Elder Fawson was like "he's my kabahay!"  So I'll go visit her when we go on exchanges!  It's so cool to see how many miracles are connected to her, Heavenly Father really wants her back in the church. haha

I knew it would be a sister haha.

An experience written to Shelby...

On Tuesday, we got punted, which means that no one wanted to hear from us except a couple people.  This happens to missionaries a lot, but not to me.  It was my first time in 6 months and it made me feel sad.  I was getting self conscious and my Tagalog totally died and I was making so many mistakes.  I think Heavenly Father was trying to humble me.  When we got back home, I felt terrible, I knelt down and prayed really hard.  I pleaded with God to give us a good day.  I just felt so bad.  Before we went out of Wednesday, I did practice teaching with Elder Cortez and I still couldn't speak Tagalog, I didn't even want to go out, but I had faith in my prayer.  We ended up having my best day of my mission.  We got 10 new investigators, 12 lessons and like 8 new baptismal dates, my Tagalog was back to normal and we had a cool day.  This week, I've gotten a lot stronger testimony of prayer.

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