Wednesday, October 12, 2016

But as I was praying, I felt that right now is my time to be humble, teachable, and learn.

Letter to Mom...

It was very sad saying goodbye to all my friends and converts in Santa Mesa.  I cried a lot hahaha.  As I was leaving the house on Wednesday morning, I was met by all the the single adults who were waiting outside of our apartment to say goodbye, they had all written me letters.  It was cool haha.

Elder Cortez is my new companion and his mannerisms are exactly like Elder Arnejo's haha it's weird!  But he is an amazing teacher!  Elder Fawson is my kabahay (room mate) haha so that's funny, he is training and a district leader, so it is fun to catch up with him.   We have one of the best wards in the mission!  The coordination meeting is crazy!  Everyone comes and gives referrals and works with us everyday! I love it!  Thank you so much for all of the good that you are doing for the mission.  I'm proud to have the best mission mom in the world.  

As I listened to Elder Nattress's talk and I am so grateful to have you as a mom.  Even though we didn't read the Book of Mormon every morning, which we should have done and you should start now hahaha, I will never fall away because of your love, I know that this church is true and I know that our family will be together forever.  I love you.

Elder Zesiger and Elder Fawson.  They were companions in the MTC and are roommates now.  I think Elder Fawson is 7ft tall!

Letter to Dad...
It's pretty fun, I feel like I don't know that much haha, but all of the (conference) talks were about how the Lord qualifies who he calls.  In our zone, there are 19 missionaries and 3 districts.  Elder Fawson is one of our district leaders and my roommate haha, so that's fun.  Elder Cortez is pretty cool, he is actually exactly like Elder Arnejo haha, and it feels weird to be a junior companion again so I guess I need to learn to be more humble again.  I was kind of confused what my purpose was here, whether it was to change everything and make higher goals, because the zone goals are pretty low right now as we are the lowest baptizing zone in the mission at 3 a month haha, which is less than Elder Davis and I averaged in just our companionship.  But as I was praying, I felt that right now is my time to be humble, teachable, and learn, and then when I have a better understanding in a couple of weeks, I can begin building this zone into the best in the mission, but right now I received the answer that my job is to learn from Elder Cortez.

We have some pretty cool investigators here.  What are some ways that you inspired your zone?  I have been trying to get to know everyone personally by getting to know their conversion stories, it is really fun, but many of them have said that they don't think that it is possible to hit the high numbers like 30 lessons a week.  Right now, the high goal in our zone is 20 a week, I think that is one thing I'm going to change, but what is one way that I can help them believe in themselves?

I loved conference, especially Elder Rasband's talk about how we have to remember our spiritual experiences, especially in times of trial.  Sometimes as I read my journal about people being healed and miracles happening I am tempted to think that they were just coincidences, but I am super glad for that talk as an assurance that they are not.  I am super glad for my new calling that it is kind of hard, I was getting kind of comfortable in Santa Mesa, haha although I'll love it forever, it was super sad saying goodbye to the converts. 

I love being a missionary dad, thanks for helping raise me in the church and always being the best example for me.  I know for my self that Jesus Christ is the son of god, our Savior, and our way back to a loving Heavenly Father.

Elder Zesiger

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