Sunday, February 7, 2016

We did not get a very long email this week! :(

 It's good here, we have two baptisms on the 13th, Rose and Marlyn.  A lot of people who had dates for the 27 didn't come to church but Jenny and Lady did so they are still shooting for that.  I'm getting zits on my face and its scaring the crap out of me so I bought some medicine and I've been washing my face like four times a day haha.  No I haven't gone to the office yet so I haven't gotten anything since Christmas.  But its ok, time is going a lot faster now so it doesn't seem like that long.  Jonas had a cool dream haha.  He dreamed that he, Elder Arnejo and I were all eating dinner at our house, and Jonas had a missionary nametag too.  But we were all speaking Tagalog haha.

 I asked him about the food..."The food is the same, I ate squid and it was gross.  I tried balut last month, it just tastes like a hard boiled egg, but it looks like an alien and it has bones and feathers haha.  I dont know why people like it lol."

 I asked him to tell us a good experience this week...."I don't know its hard to find cool experiences now because the time just goes so fast and it just feels like we are always running around."

 I asked him if he is washing his garments. earlier he said he wasn't that often because he had to wash them by hand.  They send all their other clothes out to be washed....."I found a washing machine place so I wash them every week now."  (I am happy about this!)

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