Monday, February 29, 2016

My prayers were answered and I didn't get transferred!

Letter to Mom...

The baptism went perfectly.  I love their family, they are all kind of shy but amazing, the husband even missed that day of work so that he could attend!  We also have 3 looking good for the middle of March.  Great job on your talk!  You guys prepared me well just by being awesome parents.  I tell stories about you all the time, every single companion that I've ever had worships dad because of all the stories I tell haha.  My comps name right now is Elder Mangaoang.  My prayers were answered and I didn't get transferred!  Something kind of cool happened though, Sister Barton is in my district now, but I never see here.  She is on Coron, Palawan, which is awesome by the way, but not as good as Boni 6 hahaha, but because there are no Elders there, she is in my district!  We are doing really well lately, all of our numbers are above the standard of excellence for the mission.  The average OYM is 126 and we average about 200 a week.  I love it because I just go up to people and I'm like Puwede po ako magpractice ang tagalog ko sa inyo? (can I practice my Tagalog on you) but I say it slow like I can't talk.  And then they say yes and then I eventually invite them to hear the gospel haha it works every time.  I love you mom.  It was kind of sad a couple of days ago because I lost my SD card with all my pictures on it..... most importantly my recording of our Skype, but its ok, but still sad.

Letter to Dad.....

Did you read the Ricciardi letter, I've been waiting all week for you thoughts on it haha.  This week was great for me too.  We got 2 more baptisms and it was fun.  There is this investigator we have that shows the power of the Book of Mormon.  Her name is S****.  Our first visit with her, she could care less that we were there.  Our second one she didn't read the Book of Mormon so we postponed the lesson and read the intro with her.  We asked her to pray and she said no, so I did.  Then the change was crazy!  When we returned for the 3rd visit she was on chapter 21!  She says she knows it's true and wants to be baptized.  I wish we could just baptize her now like in the challenging and testifying missionary, but the soonest date with the rules is March 26.  Its awesome though!  She came to the baptism to watch and to church too.  It's getting pretty fun haha.  Tell mom pansit is one of my favorites.  Im going to this cool store right after this that has a lot of sick fake stuff like sick Nikes that usually cost 300$ and here they cost like 20 also I'll look for some rolexs haha.  The crystal on my Seiko broke so I can't wear it anymore.  I accidently oymed a bakla a couple of days ago.  A bakla is a transgender.  But they are everywhere here!  I wasn't wearing my glasses and I just saw the body and the hair and it was dark so I said "kumusta po kayo?" how are you,  and he responded in a deep voice "ayos lang:)" which means just ok.  I speed walked away without responding hahaha they always stare at me and try to talk to me and its freakin scary lol.  In the Ricciardi Letter it says fear no man, and I say it every day in the mirror, that's why we average 200 contacts a week now while the rest of the mission gets 126.  But I do fear them hahahaha!!

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