Sunday, February 14, 2016

Following the mission rules

 I had my interview with President and it was awesome.  Right when I walked in he said, "Elder Zesiger!  I've been really looking forward to talking to you, you are always so open in your emails to me and I know that this interview in going to be great!"  I ended up going way overtime and it kind of messed up the schedule for the rest of the missionaries but it was awesome!  I prepared a lot for the interview so I had a lot of stuff to talk about.  I talked about my email problem with him (he would "chat" back and forth with us during his hour email time and it's against his mission rules) , and how I love you guys more than anything and that this email time is my very favorite thing in my life right now.  He told me that I am very lucky.  He said that most missionaries here don't get any emails from their families and he told me to pray about whether or not I should follow the rule.  I did, and I am going to.  I hate it and I have no idea why, but I know that in order to be the best missionary I can be I need to give up all disobedience to the Lord, even if it feels like it's killing me! :'(   I also told him about my experience with Elder Bednar and he was amazed.  He told me that I have no idea how much the Lord loves me to begin my mission by sending an apostle to help me:) it was cool.  I can't stop crying right now.  Umm I don't know if I will get transferred, I will find out next Tuesday.  I'm stressed sometimes, but I had a cool experience with that too. As I was sitting in sacrament meeting, I was looking at the deacons, running around super stressed and trying their best not to fail, I remember that when I was a deacon, it was scary.  And then I thought of my life right now, its kind of the same thing, and I know that soon I will be looking back at it like I am now looking back at my time as a deacon. 

Rose didn't go get her marriage papers so her baptism is next week.  She promised us that she would go and get them today so I am praying that she does!
Marilyn's baptism was awesome, we found her about a month ago with Elder Arnejo and I got to baptize her!  It was awesome, she thanked me by name in her testimony:)  I had a cool experience with testimony too.  We were teaching this family and the dad has a smoking problem.  He asked if Heavenly Father could help him quit and I promised him that if he had faith in Jesus Christ, he could help him do anything.  The room went silent for like 2 mins.  It was amazing!
You can email Elder Zesiger @  and he won't chat back with you! :(
But I am so proud of him for following the mission rule and I know he will be blessed.

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