Monday, February 8, 2016

I'm trying to not have 80's rock playing in my head all the time!

So, this week I've been working more on patience and humility, and not singing worldlyl songs.  I've been doing pretty good, it's really hard not to sing the songs cuz my brain has been trained my whole life to be a radio that is constantly tuned in the 80's rock and eminem.  I had one moment of weakness last night.  We were teaching this lady on the street because if we don't have a pangatlong lalaki or third male, we can't enter the home, for safety reasons.  As we were teaching, a huge party started about 10 feet away and they were blasting eminem!  It took all of my will power and relying on Christ to focus hahaha.  I did good except for a couple lines of rap slipped out, but it is ok because I don't think the lady heard me lol.  My mission is really fun!  We have the baptism of Marlyn and the marriage and baptism of Rose finally scheduled for this Saturday!  I'm so excited!  We also have a family scheduled to be baptized on the 27th and they are looking good too!
Something really cool happened yesterday at church.  We teach a less active named Chit.  I love her and care a lot about her.  When I first met here, she did not care about the missionaries even though she has a daughter on a mission too.  But one day, four weeks ago , with Elder Arnejo, we taught her about families, and how if her family sees her example then I promised her that they would eventually return to church too.  Since then, she has attended church every single week.  She was less active for 20 years before this.  And, on Sunday, she bore her testimony, about missionary work.  It made me cry haha, it made me feel like all of my efforts here aren't for nothing and I am super happy to help, in my little way, to bring sister Chit back to Christ:)  So, this week was good haha!

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