Sunday, January 24, 2016

I asked Elder Zesiger a few questions...
Have you got the package of jerky I sent to you yet?
I told him how we are going to do better at reading our scriptures daily as a family....
and how a bunch of girls that graduated with him are going on missions.

haha, No I haven't gotten it yet, but I can't get it until we go to Buedia where the office is and we have to go for a reason so I don't know when haha.  I know I'm always challenging these families everyday to read scriptures as a family but we weren't that good at it lol.  We would always just get to like Alma 42 and restart hahahahaha.  That's crazy!  hahah that's sick so many are going!  I am super glad that I worked at State Farm because I don't care about rejections anymore haha.  My eye is good I think haha I go to check it again tomorrow, but I think I will start to taper off the eye drops again.:)

 Rose is good!  We are just waiting for the wedding papers to be processed now so her wedding and baptism will be this Saturday or the next!  I'm soooo excited hahaha.  We got 14 new investigators this week, it was pretty cool, but the best were the Alfaro family.  They were a referral from Sister Quis Quis the one whose laptop I used to call you guys.  They have two kids, one 11 and one 9.  They were super receptive and cool, they said they would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it.  I've been trying to follow the Challenging and Testifying Missionary talk so I extended and got 14 baptismal dates this week!  All for the 27 of February, so hopefully I don't get transferred on the 24th haha.  Caden is getting huge! (he saw a picture) I weigh 150 now.  I've been taking a picture of my face every night for the last two weeks so that at the end on my mission I'll have a sick video!  I finished my first journal so I bought a new one.  You were right haha, when we bought it I was like "this will last my whole mission"  Nope. haha.  I love you guys, this week went really fast, because I have to plan and lead everything so its kind of stressful but the language is coming a lot faster now its sick!

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