Saturday, January 23, 2016

I'm planning my frist wedding!!

I went to the doctor last Tuesday and I go tomorrow too so your info is always kinda delayed haha! Sorry, but last week the pressure went back down to normal, but the iritus is back, they took a picture of my eye and let me see and you could see like 20 black things floating around in my pupil haha it was sick!  Makes me kinda want to become an eye doctor again. Anyway he told me to take both eye drops at the same time, it kind of sucks cuz I even have to take them at night so I have to wake up a couple times.  But I am going to see him again tomorrow. 
I got a new companion to finish my training.  This doesn't happen that much, I am the only one in my batch that it happened to but Elder Arnejo got transferred on a special assignment.  His name is Elder Mangaoang, he's pretty cool.  President said that I have no idea how much the Lord is blessing me with so many Filipino companions and roomates.  Everyone else in my batch has only had one or zero native companions and I've already had three haha, it is really helping with my language though, we speak it all the time.  I am planning a wedding and a baptism for January 30th!  You are all invited!  It will be at the Comembo chaple on 525th Combembo Street in Barangi Rizal Makati City!  It's hard cuz I've never planned a wedding before, especially here cuz its different, but its fun.  I took dad's advice and this week has been my most successful week so far!  And it was really fun!  Good things are yet to come and I'm super excited.
I also have a new person in my bahay (apartment), named Elder Langi.  He is from Tonga and has been out for 6 months in the field.  He doesn't speak Tagalog very well and the Filipinos can't teach him in a way that he can understand, so I get to!  Haha it's super fun!  I also saw a cock fight and it was sick!  It's even more fun to watch than spider fights!  It's probably illegal in the US though haha. 
This is a family in Elder Zesiger's ward.  They sell 1,300 quail eggs a day as their family business!

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