Thursday, August 10, 2017

It was cool to see how the Spirit has been working on her, we didn't do anything.

Letter to Dad...

July 30th

This week was awesome for us.  It was transfer week and we had to go on a lot of special assignment stuff. 

We saw a lot of miracles though too.  This lady named Dole reached out to us a couple days ago and said that she wants to be taught again and go to church.  We dropped her before because she never kept commitments, but for the last couple months, she said she has watched us walk through the rain and she said that no one would do all that unless it was true.  She is coming with her family to church on Sunday.  It was cool to see how the Spirit has been working on her, we didn't do anything.

I had to be an stl again too, but I'll email mom about that.  I love you guys and thanks for being such an amazing family.  I am going to go eat burger king now.  I love you dad.

Elder Zesiger

August 6th

Hey dad, that sounds awesome for the trans am, that sounds like a good plan.  It'll be more fun to do the interior together, as long as everything else is done I'll let it slide haha.  It'll be cool to be the first one to drive it too.  That is crazy about Russell though, I'll be praying for him, it was cool what grandma said that they prayed for him in the temple.  I love that story at the end, I think it is amazing that the Lord gives every single one of His missionaries those kind of experiences if they will do their best.  I love those recordings, we were all listening to them as a whole office, I'm glad you waited a long time to send them because if you would have sent those right when they were recorded, I would have cried and been sad haha. That's amazing about Bishop too and also Caden that he got those golf clubs!  It is a good thing that he'll be playing golf next year and not this one so that he won't wreck me when I get home.  This way I'll have a year to train too before he gets super good and he's not fun to play with anymore haha.

We saw many miracles this week too and actually had the most investigators we've ever had at church in my whole mission.  It was awesome!  Every night and morning since the beginning of May, Elder Fiesta and I have been praying for a specific amount of people that we could be guided to and baptize and it looks like Heavenly Father has heard our prayers.  I'm super happy right now about everything because it looks like home life is gonna be fun and mission life is the best!  I love you and I am grateful that you are such an awesome dad.  Thanks for working on the trans am with me and taking me dirt biking and snow boarding and showing me good music.  Thanks for serving a mission and always sending me amazing emails that got me through when my mission got hard.  I love you dad.

Elder Zesiger

Letters to mom...

July 30th

2 Nephi 25: 26 And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins.

We had some cool miracles this week too.  But one of the coolest came when we had to go talk to some sisters yesterday.  There is a sister that hasn't come out of her house and won't talk to her companion for a couple days, so President sent us to go talk to them.  It was funny when we got there.  The one companion let us in and the other one was on her bed with her blanket over her face.  She told us to leave, but I think she was expecting the sister training leaders because when I said "hello:)" she got up, ran to the other room, and slammed the door! hahaha

We talked to her for a bit, but she wouldn't come with us and didn't want to go to church, so we blessed the sacrament and gave it to them.  It was a cool spiritual moment and the one sister was crying because she was so happy that she still got to partake of the sacrament.  It reminded me of going to the Bowdiges with Andrew and giving them the sacrament.  I'm grateful that I've always had it easily accessible.

Sister Geralyn's husband Jonel was baptized on Saturday and it was awesome.  He bore his testimony that he has felt Heavenly Father's love for him and knows that this church is true.  It was amazing to see the change.  I will try to send you a picture.

I love you mom, 
Elder Zesiger

August 6th

That's awesome about the reading!  You guys can totally make it!  Thanks so much for the package mom.  I waited and I opened it on time this morning and it was awesome!  You're going to do awesome with your talk!

Our week was awesome!  Last week I emailed about a lady named sister Dole that we used to teach but she didn't progress, then she saw us walking in the rain for a couple of months and decided that the gospel was true.  Well we taught her more this week and she accepted the invitation to be baptized and came to church with her kids, it was awesome and it is just crazy how you can work so hard and have nothing happen, but then Heavenly Father just does His work and makes up for everything.  He teaches us to try our hardest but even with all of that, we still have to rely on Him.  It is cool.

Good luck on your Book of Mormon reading this week, thanks so much for you doing it, you are helping the other kids in an amazing way, I wish I read it before, but I am on track now to finish it 9 times before I get home.  I love you guys.

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Elder Zesiger

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