Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Heavenly Father is really preparing people for us!

I got transferred!  I will be in the Makati 1st ward now and I have two companions, one American, Elder Zeyer and one Filipino, Elder Billariña.  I still had a cool spiritual experience a couple days ago tho, even though I won't be in Las Pinas anymore.

We were sitting in a house of one of our investigators and we were looking for a third lalaki (man) so that we could teach.  There was this guy who kept passing back and forth by the doorway looking at us, so finally we told him to come in.  He was like "OK, Elder's"  and we were confused because people are usually like "father" or "pastor" or "apostle" or sometimes even "prophet",so we asked him if he had met any missionaries before.  He said that he was supposed to be baptized a couple of years ago, in fact all of his friends were Mormons, but as they all turned about 19, they all left on missions and since he didn't have any friends anymore, he stopped going, but he said that he knows that the church was restored through Joseph Smith and he knows that it is true.  He accepted a date for baptism and it was awesome!  And then I got the news that I'm transferring haha.

But it was just another testimony to me that this work is true, that we are not just walking around everyday, but that Heavenly Father really is preparing people for us and leading them to us and leading us to them.

Oh yeah, and with my new calling I get to go to Palawan! ( He hasn't been able to serve there because it's not near a hospital for his eye condition.)

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