Monday, January 23, 2017

OK, here is a miracle where I learned to trust Heavenly Father more.

From letters to Dad....

January 15, 2017

This week was kind of confusing, we didn't get to work that much because of zone stuff, so only one person went to church when we were expecting like 20, but we saw so many miracles it was crazy.  Here is just one then I'll spread the other ones around the family and you can have mom spy on my account and you can read them all.

We were walking in this part of our area called green revolution and our appointment fell through.  All of the sudden we felt that we needed to go to Saging St., which is like a 30 min walk away.  So we went and when we got there, we just talked to the first guy we saw.  He was this old guy named Ben, he's 75.  He said that he was taught 7 years ago and was about to get baptized but his house burnt down and they moved before it could happen.  But he still has a Book of Mormon and reads it consistently.  While we were teaching him, he said that he knows that we knew each other in the life before this one.  It was crazy but cool!

I have been talking to my kabahay (roommate), Elder McCauley, and he and his dad go hunting all over the world and mount all the cool stuff in their basement, we need to do that.  I decided that is going to one of my hobbies now.

I love you dad, start preparing our trips, or I guess I can just learn in the mountains, but we are starting right when I get back, and I need a 30 ot 6.

January 22, 2017

This week was pretty awesome.  We had the last zone meeting before they turn into all zone conferences, and we also had interviews with President.  Last night was really fun though.  We met this guy on a tricycle and he invited us to come and share.  When we got there, it was him, his 4 daughters and his like uncle I think.  Right after we said the prayer, we found out that he was a Jehovah's Witness guy and they started to throw tons of Bible verses and questions at us.  We wrecked them and then we able to share our message about Joseph Smith and the Restoration.  You could see it in the guy's face that he was feeling the Spirit, but trying to reject it, I felt it.  It was awesome.  At the end, the uncle admitted that he has been searching for the true God his whole life, and he hasn't been able to find Him and he hopes this is it.  They invited us over on Tuesday as well and he is going to bring his pastor friends who "want to listen".  We are going to show them the Restoration movie so they don't just fight us the whole time, and watch the Spirit do His job.

It was really funny to me that a 19 and a 20 year old from another country can make a 45 and a 60 year old who study the Bible a lot, listen.  Our priesthood authority is real haha.  

Nikki looks cool, could she come hunting?

Letters to Mom....

January 15,2017
There's still a lot of stuff we have to fix haha, we had like 4 days when we only worked like 1-2 hrs this week because of zone stuff, but it is fun.  I'm going to send you a miracle OK?

OK, here is a miracle where I learned to trust Heavenly Father more.  We had 1 and a half hours to work so I planned out this awesome day and I thought everything would go perfect.  Then, all of my plans fell through and we had 30 mins left, so we said a prayer and talked to the first person we saw.  We ended up getting into a house with 7 families in it and 32 people.  The two leaders of the compound (the old grandpa and grandma)  had been taught by missionaries before.  They said that the grandpa has a disease and we are going to heal him once his faith is strong.  It was cool.

I love you mom!

January 22,2017

haha that's way cool!  I love you, thanks for the picture!  That's an awesome thing to be chosen for!  I wish we would have read before my mission hahahaha.  I love the Book of Mormon.  I'm almost through the Old Testament, but it's kind of hard sometimes haha.

I would love that food now (I made Korean spicy pork).  I'm actually learning how to cook Filipino food right now, I'm making sinigang later.  Elder Erwin is super good at cooking from what he learned in college and he actually convinced me that it's cool, so I'm going to get good.  

We found a guy from Oakland, CA the other day.  He's Filipino, but he grew up there so he likes English better, so I said the First Vision in English for the first time in my mission haha.  He actually lived near the temple and really wants to learn what it's about it was cool!

This is the last Monday before the new schedule drops so next Monday and until the end of my mission, we are going to do awesome stuff and visit awesome places instead of just sleep (on their Pday) !  I'm excited!

Well I love you mom!

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