Monday, January 9, 2017

Catching up...

Letters to Dad....


Here's a cool thing that happened this week.  We went far away from our area to teach our last appointment which is an investigator right next to our house.  She wasn't there and it was 9:01 which meant that we were late unless we could teach one more lesson.  There was no one around, so we just taught our member worker, Henry.  We asked him how his Book of Mormon reading was and he said that he hadn't read in 2 years.  We got him a new book and started with verse one.  "I Nephi, having been born of goodly parents"  He told us that his dad died a couple of years ago and his life has been hard ever since because he is the only member in his family.  Elder Cortez and I started to cry.  We talked about baptisms for the dead and the truth of the restoration, how he actually could see his father again, and be with him.  As we ended the lesson, and Henry went home, I realized how grateful I am, to be born in a family of faith, in a time where the gospel has been restored, just like my patriarchal blessing states.  I know that it's all true.  

It was a ton better than last one (New Year's) !  We had to be more obedient this year so we didn't stay up until 12, but we ate special spaghetti on the roof with jelly bellys.  I heard you fell off the ski lift haha.  That's a great talk thanks!  

Everything is super crazy in the zone right now.  Since all the crap that happened last week, 15 out of the 20 missionaries in the zone were transferred, including my comp and all the district leaders, so I am the only leader that's not new to the zone.  Tomorrow we will hold a special meeting to help everyone out and get on their feet cuz there are a lot of fresh starts too.  My new companion is awesome and believes in miracles like me so we are going to accomplish great things.  

One cool thing that happened this week was with an oym named Oscar.  He is 75 and we oymed him on Thursday and left him a Book of Mormon.  He's kind of hilarious, he said that for the last 20 yrs he has been searching for what happened to the lineage of Joseph of Egypt.  It is really important to him for some reason.  We told him that the people in the Book of Mormon are that lineage and when we returned the next day, he had read 153 pages and was in 2 nephi 28! He's probably done by now, we'll go back tomorrow.

I kind of hate all the changes cuz there is a lot to do, but I also love it cuz I feel like I'm growing.


Thanks dad, this email is awesome!  I will remember that, for this week, I pretty much just wrote funny things (in his journal).  Elder Erwin and I have a plan to try to rent a pedicab every day so we can save money, and it'll be cool with us driving.  It's like a tricycle but with a bicycle instead of a motorcycle.  We are meeting a ton of new families to teach but crazy things are happening so they can't go to church.  One of them had both of their parents stabbed in the head with knives so she couldn't go.  

I love our church, I love that it doesn't just make sense spiritually, but also logically.  Other preachers and stuff always try to "confound us in our words" but nothing they say makes sense and they always contradict themselves haha.  We just got back from St. Lukes for my eye and our taxi driver was a born again minister.  He was quoting all of these scriptures and yelling and trying to prove his points by force, even though all he was trying to prove was doctrine from the Nicene Creed which he thinks is in the Bible.  We just bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and he stopped yelling.  He still wouldn't take one though.  I often think of how lucky I am that I was born in the church.

I also think about the warnings in my patriarchal blessing about listening to those voices and how they could break my faith.  One of our recent converts baptized on Christmas apparently just came across some anti Mormon stuff on the computer and is super confused.  We'll try to fix it later tonight.

That's awesome about Wyatt haha!  

But then sometimes the Spirit does speak to the pastors like this one we are teaching his family and he is the head of this other born again church.  He started bashing a little bit and then by the end of the lesson he was reading the Book of Mormon and asking us to come back.  I think if he gets baptized, his whole church would follow cuz he's like their prophet haha.

Well that's all random stuff, but it's kind of has the same theme haha.  I love being a missionary right now and this is probably the funnest part of my mission so far.  I love you guys.

Our "White Christmas"

Letters to Mom....


haha mom you are the best!  that wall is amazing!  I love you.  Thanks for the money haha, but I'm just gonna try to save it, if I can.  My new companion is awesome!  It's fun having two Americans.  I bet you were a great YW president, Thanks for always being the best mom in the world, I don't feel like you take any less care of me now than you did when I was at home haha

My stomach is fine now.  We are teaching a lot of new people, it's kind of hard to keep track of anything, so today we are going to make a huge study room with cool stuff all over the walls.  I had a funny thing happen.  One of our newer investigators gave me a gift cuz she said that I was the only nice American she had ever met.  It was a bar of special whitening soap.  Tell Shelby that we always are in one ward, here it's different, there are 6 missionaries in like 1 ward haha, but we have 3 wards under our stewardship.

That's all I can think of mom cuz my brain is kind of busy thinking of ways we can fix the zone, but please send me the way the Hill family found the church, salamat.

Mahal ko po kayo nay
Elder Zesiger


We found a cool new family that lives right across the street from us.  The husband is a less active member and really wants to go back to church and get his wife and his kid baptized.  We can help with that!  The wife actually oymed us and payed for our trike coming home.  They've lived across the street from missionaries for many years now and they are just now being taught.

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