Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas Plans

Letter to Mom....

On Christmas, we are going to open my packages and maybe if we have enough money, we will buy a roast chicken and make some rice! We'll eat it next to the tree  and I'll read " The Night Before Christmas" and it'll be 665626262000 times better than last year.  I love Tongans, I have a ton of Tongan friends now haha. ( I told him about the missionaries who lead my pathway class who are Tongan.)

Here is a story.  Remember the OYM from Buendia in the truck?  Well, yesterday, we went to teach them and they weren't there, so we followed this little kid who said that his family used to be taught.  We talked to his aunt and apparently they were taught last December and they even were going to church, but then both of the missionaries got pulled out of the area and they got forgotten about.  But before the sisters left, they promised her that missionaries would return and made her promise that when they did to listen to them.  We will teach her later, it was cool.  

Letter to Dad...

We had a cool experience teaching about repentance.  There is a family that we are teaching that all of the sudden started to avoid us and we didn't know why.   They have to get married before they get baptized, and they really want to but they didn't believe that it was possible since the brother doesn't have a birthday or birth certificate.  Because of this discouragement, the sister gave in to the temptation by her friends to drink at a party and because of this combination, they had decided that there was no hope for them.  We shared and testified to them about what Jesus Christ did and that no matter how many times they fall, they can get up and that Heavenly Father will prepare a way for them for them to get married and baptized.  The Spirit was strong.  We still don't know how they will get married, but we know they will, I'll let you know when they get baptized.
 My story I'm gonna tell mom is cool too, but just so you know, I am still up to date on my journal from Oct 22 2015 until now.  And it's fun to read haha because I have changed a lot.

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