Monday, December 12, 2016

2 Weeks in Manila

Letters to Dad...

We had a lot of cool experiences following promptings this week.  One time, we were really in a hurry, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw a lady and felt very strongly that I needed to talk to her.  Since we were in a hurry we kept walking, but as the feeling got stronger, I turned around and went back the 20 yards to talk to her.  We didn't have time to do trust building so I just asked if she had met any missionaries before, I didn't even say hi now that I think about it haha.  She said that her mom is a member and that missionaries used to teach her all the time in the province, we'll try to teach her this week.

Elder Haini is going to be in our mission leader conference on Wednesday and he might interview us, so that'll be awesome!  He's our area authority, but he grew up in Bountiful and even went to Bountiful High haha.
I love you guys a ton and thank you for always taking the time to email me every week, I always feel lucky.

That's cool about Bishop.  The Haynies came and some awesome stuff happened.  First, he knows Harold haha.  He was like, "Zesiger, one of the finest men I've ever known owned a shop called Zesiger Automotive in Bountiful"  haha.  I guess Harold used to buy car parts from Elder Haynie's dad.  Then at the MLC he closed his testimony with something that he had heard Elder Cook say about Jesus Christ " I know His face, I know His voice, I know He lives."  Crazy huh?!

I sent him the little Christmas tree.
We are at war with Satan right now in our area, we had 9 people looking sure to be baptized on Christmas, but yesterday it got knocked down to 4 because of tons of crazy reasons, it was so stressful that I got sick haha and I have a little bit of a cold right now, but we'll win.  One crazy thing was with an investigator, they weren't at church, so we dropped by their house and apparently a representative from Saudi Arabia had come to their house to offer them jobs abroad.  They decided that they were going to go, so we taught them and told them to pray about it since that is like a 100 % chance of becoming less active if that happens! I'm excited to hear your email, send me a story if you can, I love you Dad!

Elder Zesiger

Letters to Mom....
The Olangga family is doing awesome and all went to church on Sunday!  We are trying to organize two weddings so we can have a giant baptism of 2 families on the 24th so we need your prayers.

Coby's grown up a ton haha, when I left his head was a lot more round.  We see miracles everyday, your packages were some haha I love you.  We set up the tree and I'll send a picture. Elder Fawson does know how, (to make jello) haha but we haven't made it yet.  I'll just bring the turkey to the AP's house next time we go haha.  Here is one miracle...

We were at Buendia, after the mission tour with Elder and Sister Haynie, and it's about 2 or 3 hours from our house, so no taxis ever want to take us haha.  We waited for like 3 hours and then I felt like we had to cross the street.  We did, and then I saw a guy sitting in his car at a red light and the window was down and I felt like I needed to talk to him, so I did.  He turned out to be from our area and the next day we went and taught his family and they all have baptismal dates now.  Cool huh?  Right after we talked to him, a taxi came, so Heavenly Father just made us wait for him haha.

Story sent to Shelby....

One funny thing that happened was this:  I was eating a burger at this food place called minute burger and all of these kids came up to me asking for money since I am American.  Also, all of the adults were looking at me cuz I was talking to them and showing off my Tagalog, Cebuano, and Ilocano.  It's bawal (against the rules) to give the kids money so I told them to leave, but then one asked for water, so I gave him a waterfall.  It was funny, but then he asked for another one and this time he laughed and spit the water and a little food all over me.  Haha it was funny cuz all the adults around freaked at him, so I said it was ok and the kid ran away.

I need to marry an American girl that speaks Tagalog so I can have a secret language like the Packs!
Jeff sent his this tie but it is too wild to wear as a missionary haha.

I sent packages on different dates but he got them all at once. One there from Grandma Z too.

He says this Christmas is going to be much happier then last Christmas.

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