Thursday, March 31, 2016

This week was kinda hard again.

Email to Mom...
Instead of just Easter, they have Holy Week. No one has work, so every one is just at home.  But everyone just leaves and goes to their provinces, because Manila is kinda just a place where people come and live for work haha.  The Zone conference was awesome.  I get colds every once in awhile and my stomach gets sick all the time, but its no big deal, I can still work every day.  They don't have fireworks for Easter, but tons of people gather at the Catholic church and kind of parade around the town with candles.  Also, in the city of Manila they do crazy stuff!  They reenact the Crucifixion in exact realism!  They actually like whip them and actually drive nails through their hands and feet and put the people up on the crosses for hours!  and they grow their hair like Jesus too, its weird haha.  I told dad, this week was kinda hard and I don't know what to do.  I also saw a picture of Caden and it made me sad because he looks so different and I don't want you guys to change:(

Email to Dad....
I'm good this week was kinda hard again.  At the beginning of the week I saw a picture of Caden on his Instagram, don't tell him but he looks like a totally different person.  It made me sad that I have to miss them growing up, I hate it.  I want them to be the same as when I left them....:(
At the beginning of the week, things were looking awesome. We had 4 investigators ready to be baptized in the next coming weeks and then all of them just came crashing down one after another.  This one girl who I love decided to move to her province and she doesn't know when shes coming back, and her  boyfriend there hates the church.  Then R*** decided to move back to her province too and we don't know when shes coming back.  Why does this even happen?  I feel like I am working harder than ever and the blessings are just right there in sight and then they all just get taken away.
In the Challenging and Testifying missionary, it says that once they have the desire to get baptized, they should get baptized.  With the rules here, its like this:  "i want to get baptized"  "Ok, lets wait 30 days and give Satan the chance to tempt you and if you mess up, we ll start over."  Its stupid.  I know its just my pride but I really, really care about these people and I hate seeing them all fail over and over again.  

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