Sunday, March 20, 2016


Letter to mom....
 I got this wooden top thing called a trumpo that I always play with the kids.  It's awesome I play it on the street with them and big groups of like 50 at a time (I usually exaggerate, but I'm not) surround me and cheer.  Then I yelled Hi Five Kayo lahat! and they all run to my hand like a mosh pit and then we teach their families hahah.   We worked super hard this week, our numbers were higher than they ever have been and then Sunday happened and no one came to church. This made me sad.  the temple was OK..... I don't really have a strong testimony of temples, everyone always says how they feel the spirit super strong in temples but I never do.... I prayed really, really hard today that I would, but I didn't.  

Letter to Dad....

(Jeff asked him if he still feels sick in the morning because he did at home.)

I still feel like that every morning but I can't make myself stay in bed, my conscience like eats at me if I don't get out of bed on time now, because of how important this work is and how many people need it. This week is kinda hard.  We worked super hard and killed it in the numbers and I felt like we had spiritual lessons and I feel like I learned a ton from studying and then when church rolled around, no one came.  Last week we started going before church and reminding everyone to go and picking people up, but everyone was sleeping and no one answered the door, so we pretty much just walked around for two hours.  Then we went to this one kids house and I literally sat by his bed and begged him to come for 30 mins and he wouldn't, he just kept saying next time....  On the tricycle ride back to church I cried, cuz it feels like I'm working really hard and it does nothing.  
We went to the temple today... it was ok, but I've never really had a testimony of temples, my testimony of everything else has grown exponentially but everyone always says that they feel the spirit super strong and learn a ton at the temple, but I never feel like I do.  So I tried to today.  The whole time I prayed like crazy that I could, but nothing happened, it sucked.
One thing was fun though.  Remember that one time where you told me about how on your mission they had those wooden tops with strings that they throw and fight?  They have those here too!  They are called trumpo and they are freakin sick.  Apparently I'm the only missionary who plays them cuz they're for kids, but everyone else is missing out.  They are the greatest oym tool ever!  I play in the streets and literally 50 kids will gather around me and cheer like a rock concert and then I can march them around town like a parade haha. Then we go and teach their families.
Sorry if my email sounds kinda negative, I just really wanted an experience at the temple and I'm kinda mad now.

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