Tuesday, July 11, 2017

I'll miss President Ostler, but President Fermanis is awesome too!

Letter to Dad...

I'll miss President Ostler, but President Fermanis is awesome too!  He is way into the Book of Mormon and taught institute for 20 years so he knows so much doctrine it is awesome!  I can also read the teachings of the prophets books now so I started reading the Wilford Woodruff one.  

We had the coolest miracle this week though with a sister investigator.  She came with us to a temple trip on Saturday.  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday, but has been struggling to commit to baptism even though she knows it is true because she is very active at her born again church in the province, she goes there every week end and ever since her priest heard that we are teaching her and her family, he has been trying to discourage her.  He even told her that she shouldn't read the Book of Mormon or the Bible, because it was confusing her, that she should just listen to him.  

When we taught her she was still confused about what she should do so we told her to kneel and pray that night and ask Heavenly Father what his will was for her.  She did, and that night she had a dream.  In her dream, she, her husband, and her 2 year old daughter had died.  They were brought to an office where they were told that they would be split up to different waiting places until the second coming of Christ where they would all be resurrected.  he daughter was taken to the Celestial Kingdom and she met her sister's baby daughter who died a couple years ago.  She was taken to her church in the province.  As she waited there, she felt terrible and super sad.  She was confused why she felt so sad and then the thought came that she hadn't done what she should have done while she was on earth.  

When she woke up, she opened the Book of Mormon to know what her dream meant.  She read Alma 7:21 which talks about how the filthy will be filthy still in the next life!  She asked us what it all meant and when we explained it, she said that she wants to get baptized!  It was awesome.

I love you dad, thanks for the pictures
Elder Zesiger
A missionary who is going to the same mission as Elder Zesiger's dad, Chile Antafagasta.

Letter to Mom...

That sounds awesome!  I love the Ostlers they changed my life.  President Fermanis is awesome.  He is super versed in the scriptures and it makes me want to know them better.  When he reads he asks himself questions and I've been trying it and it makes study amazing!   I read my blog you made for the first time the other day and it is awesome!  Thanks so much for doing that I love you mom.  I'll try to get you more pictures from now on. haha!

We are teaching this really cool family named the Evangelista family.  The dad the mom, their 10 year old daughter, adn their 4 year old daughter.  They are going to be baptized on August 12th.  The mom is super good at reading and after 2 weeks is in the middle of 2 Nephi.

Sister A really needs your prayers.  President Ostler's 14 day challenge with her is done and she is going to ask her husband to marry her so she can get baptized.  She wants to so bad and has come to church already like 16 or 17 weeks in a row!  The members didn't even know she was an investigator.

I love you  Thanks for being an awesome mom.  Please read my email to dad, it is awesome!
Elder Zesiger
Geralyn's wedding.

Going to the temple with Karen.

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