Tuesday, November 10, 2015

October 30, 2015

Today was way cool, but really sad.  First we woke up ad we went to the Manila Temple.  When we went to the Celestial Room , I saw Sister Barton and Sister Fangu FAngu crying and I started to think about my family.  When I thought about how Coby said that he didn't know what he was going to do without me because I am his best friend, I burst into tears.  I miss him like crazy!  When we left the temple and went outside to take pictures, I found a smooth, black rock on the ground and put it into my pocket to remind me of my family and also to remind me why I am here, to help the people of the Philippines come unto Jesus Christ, and to be a good example to my siblings and to my cousins.
After that we finally got to email our families! I got on the computer and immediately started to cry! Caden is being ME for Halloween! He is wearing my dad's mission tag, my suit, my watch, and my Philippines pin!  (By the way Caden looked so cute and everyone LOVED seeing "Cole" at the ward trunk or treat!)  it was awesome to see how much my family loves and misses me!  I love and miss my family and I keep telling myself that when this is over; I will be with them forever and it will be that happiest I have been! If I go home, it won't be happy and I will regret it forever! IT'S NOT EVEN A CHOICE!  "This too shall pass"

After we emailed our families we went to the store.  I spent 600 pesos on food and 400 on a personalized mission ring.  1000 pesos is less than $20! When we got back we taught Marvin for the first time.  It was awesome!  I was able to speak about 60% of our lesson in Tagalog and I talk a lot! haha At the end of the lesson Elder Peterson said the closing prayer and was a lot better!

When we went to gym we went into the bathroom and there was a huge spider like the size of my hand! It scared the crap out of me! hahaha

I got to open my second package from my family today, and it was amazing to see the words on the paper!  It said, "BOO" We love you! Happy Halloween 2015.  I love them so much and wish with all my heart that I could see them right now, especially Caden dressed up like me! haha  All I can do is write them right now but in two years when I return, as it says in 1 Nephi 5, "my joy will be full"

November 1, 2015

I forgot to write about when I met Elder Bednar at the airport.  I had just entered the airport with my family and we walked up to the ticket desk.  My mom said, "That's Elder Bednar!"  He was standing right next to me so I said Hi and he started talking.  He could see that I had been crying a little bit and that I was scared so he told me that all of the feelings that I was feeling were normal and that he hadn't met a missionary that wasn't scared and sad.  He then told me to remember that I couldn't do it.  But, through pananampalataga (sp?) in Jesucristo at lakas ningo, I can (ok hopefully he doesn't start writing more and more in Tagalog haha!!)  He then told me that he loved me and that he was proud of my decision to serve.  I gave him and his wife a hug and then I left.
I met this Elder from the Provo batch today names Elder Maloy who is in my Uncle Harold's ward and knows my grandpa and grandma!!  He said Harold is helping him build a bike haha!

Elder Maloy

Elder Shaw

November 2, 2015

Today we had a lot of language study.  We memorized Moroni 10:5.  I kind of miss setting up competitions between Caden and Coby so I set up one in our district.  Two people would say the scripture and whoever made the most mistakes would have to be the other person's slave for the next day.  Except Peterson and Valentine, they played for Peterson's sister haha!!
We finally got to go outside today!  We played basketball and it was awesome! I am always thinking of my family and I frequently check my watch to guess what my family is doing.  (Then he said some more sad stuff about missing us...poor kid! We miss him too!)

November 3, 2015

Today was Awesome!  Our lesson with Sister Ana was amazing!  We went into it just planning on teaching the plan of salvation, but at the very beginning, she told us how her parents might have cancer.  We just spoke by the spirit the entire time and our Tagalog was amazing!  Elder Peterson bore his testimony and it helped her a ton and it was awesome!
We also had pizza and spaghetti today because everyone is leaving.  It was really bitter-sweet, because they are like my brothers.  It's like saying paalam to my family again almost!  I really miss music and Tagalog is getting easier to remember than band names haha!  And I don't know how I feel about that!! I really love my mission though and I am going to miss the senior batch but I know that they will do great and I can't wait to join them!
P.S  Elder Peterson really looks up to you Dad haha!So do I, I can't wait to come home and know that we are both returned missionaries!

November 4, 2015

We said goodbye to the senior batch today, so that sucked.  We had tacos so that was (insert Filipino word that I can't read) We read scriptures today as a district and talked about our problems.  I shared about how I miss my family but I know that when I return with honor it will be the happiest day in my life thus far.  I have some jalapeno Cheetos, so that is awesome! I decided to read my dad's letter again.  It is still my most valuable possession and it helps me immensely.   I also decided to write my family's names on my rock and the scripture 1 Nephi 5:7.  My family is my rock litetally lol.  I am going to carry it with me everywhere for the rest of my mission.
I also got a letter from Grandma Hill and it was amazing.  Getting letters is the best thing ever!!
I was rereading my journal and I can't believe how fast these two weeks have gone by haha, only 102 more to go!

Not ready...

Still not ready...


Poor Elder Fawson is too tall for the pic!

Manila Temple

View from MTC

Some Tagalog for Coby and anyone else...

Paalam - Goodbye
Luntiam - Green
Espiritu Santo - Holy Ghost
Pating - Shark
Bola - Ball
Unggoy - Monkey
Pamilya - Family

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