Monday, November 16, 2015

I bore my testimony in pure Tagalog!

Cole had been emailing me pictures of his journal and then I was summarizing them on the blog.  Apparently, they are not allowed to send photos from the computers that they email from. :( So this is from his email to me...

At the beginning of my mission I promised myself that I would volunteer at every opportunity and I got noticed today.  I answer a question like usual and the teacher was like.  Elder Zesiger will know a lot and be a great missionary when the MTC is over  It was awesome haha. We had a big testimony meeting with everyone I bore mine in pure Tagalog which was cool!    Peterson also bore his testimony which was my favorite part because he is very introverted and doesn't like to talk much but he did and it was awesome! On Nov 9 we were in class and the teacher called me up to do a demonstration with her. I had to testify concerning Joseph Smith in all Tagalog and I did.   

I started and finished 30 Ways to Love Your Mission,  it was awesome it reminded me of my success books a lot. I really miss seeing cool watches around everyone here just has Timex and G Shocks.

 I had everyone in the MTC sing happy birthday for my mom. 

Me and Sister Holzworth convinced this baby batch guy that Sister Barton sacrificed a lot to come on her mission.  She had a scholarship to BYU for pole vaulting and was on track for the Olympics ahahahaha. Our teachers told us our strengths and weaknesses mine were that I could listen better and that because the language came so easily to me they fear I might get lazy.  My strength was that I talk a lot.   

I keep singing songs with Coby's name in them to bug him but then I remember that he's not here haha. 

I love my mission, this week was good!

Cole will be in the MTC until December 2nd.

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